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Subject: How to get started with Sokker tutorial

2012-02-24 13:56:48
Charles Hill to All

How to get started with Sokker, explained in only 6 steps.

(blue text are useful and/or important links)

The moment your registrated account is approved by an admin you have full access to all options, until then all new managers have limited access to prevent spam and guarantee fair play! You do have access to STEP 4, an important step to win matches.

STEP 1. Questions

If you don't know what to do ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS and/or read the Rules again before you spend your money! There are many national and international forums and topics on Sokker you can use to ask all your questions, and there are many helpful managers who will answer all these questions as good as they can.
Forum Newbie Questions
Topic Sokker Questions/Answers

You can also ask a Tutor to answer your questions, or ask for a mentor on your national forum.

STEP 2. Players

First you have to sort out your players. Try to sell or fire all players older as 23 years (or even 21 years), and also sell all players that you have now left but don't have the minimal skills required for a position. When you sell players, put them on the tranferlist for only 1 $ (click on the name of a player for more player-info). All these players are not good enough to train anymore, and also new cheap young players on the transferlist have often (much) better skills and are good to train. The younger players are, the faster they train!
Replace all these players you are selling or have fired with new young players so you have 22 players again to play in your first and second squad.

Keep these skills in mind when you sell/fire players and buy new ones:

Position = Main Skills - (Recommended Skills) - ((Useful Skills))
● GK = keeper, pace - (passing, stamina)
● DEF = defender, pace, stamina - (playmaker, technique, passing)
● MID = playmaker, passing, pace, stamina - (technique, defender) - ((striker))
● ATT = striker, technique, pace, stamina - (playmaker, passing) - ((defender))

On the players transferlist you can find many good young players to buy, 19 years and younger. Fun to do, but BE CAREFUL with your money!! And don't mind stamina as this will be your first training.

Click on the name of a player to bid:
Transferlist young GK's (pay extra attention to keeper + pace!!)
Transferlist young DEF's (pay extra attention to defender + pace!!)
Transferlist young MID's (pay extra attention to playmaker + passing + pace!!)
Transferlist young ATT's (pay extra attention to striker + technique + pace!!)

My advice, the minimal level of the skills in Italic you have to pay extra attention to (MID's may have one skill lower):
● 17 years, minimal 1x 'adequate'
● 18 years, minimal 2x 'good'
● 19 years, minimal 2x 'solid'

>> Tools
Install one or more Sokker tools for extra stats and help (do at least ones a week an update after Thursday's training to keep team data up-to-date):
Sokker Organizer (thanks to manager Danny)
Apollo (zipfile) (unfortunately Apollo doesn't always work with newer OS versions)
SokkerViewer (thanks to manager rym3k)

Sokker apps:
aSokker Android (thanks to manager LV23) - How to install apk file
aSokker BlackBerry (thanks to manager LV23)
Sokker Mobile (iOs) (thanks to manager Psc82)

A nice add-on is oSokker:
oSokker (thanks to manager BlueZero and kryminator)

Another nice add-on is SkUnk:
SkUnk (thanks to manager kryminator)

Also very useful for extra stats and info (install all three):
Mozilla Firefox
Transfer comparison (thanks to manager cardaso)

Another useful link for extra info:
ANSOKKER PREDICTION (thanks to manager O.O)

STEP 3. Training and coaches

Go to the Training page and change individual training to stamina (training match order isn't important with stamina training!). Train the skill stamina for a few weeks till most players have at least 'very good' stamina. Remember, only stamina can be trained to maximum 'formidable'. During the couple of weeks it takes to train stamina you can learn more about training and training-programs (I recommend pace and/or defender training after the stamina training).

Only the players who played a match will receive training on Thursday, and only the position and played minutes of the last match counts (except for stamina training, all players will train this skill regardless if they played a match or not).

>> Head coach
In this same Training page you find your coaches. Fire all coaches you have, they are really useless. But the players need a head coach to train, so buy one new head coach from the trainers transferlist with 'unearthly' stamina. These head coaches are good to start with (these coaches are ABSOLUTELY NOT good for assistants and junior coach):

Transferlist head coach UNEARTHLY stamina
(Parameters: Max wage: 12 500 $, Max price: 25 000 $, Stamina at least 'unearthly')

If there aren't any useful coaches on the transferlist you have to recruit one. Ask other managers what is important to know before you start recruiting.

When stamina training is done, fire the stamina head coach and buy a new head coach for the next training, and train that skill for one whole season. These are good head coaches to buy for this next training (these coaches are also ABSOLUTELY NOT good for assistants and junior coach):

Transferlist head coach UNEARTHLY pace (RECOMMENDED)
(Parameters: Max wage: 15 000 $, Max price: 25 000 $, Pace at least 'unearthly')
Transferlist head coach UNEARTHLY defender
(Parameters: Max wage: 15 000 $, Max price: 25 000 $, Defender at least 'unearthly')

Important to remember: the head coach ALWAYS needs 'unearthly' on the skill that you are training!!

>> Assistants
Also buy one or more new assistants from the transferlist (maximum 3) to assist your head coach, like these assistants (these coaches are ABSOLUTELY NOT good for head coach and junior coach):

Transferlist assistants GOOD general appraisal
(Parameters: Max wage: 3 000 $, Max price: 15 000 $, Coach at least 'good')
Transferlist assistants SOLID general appraisal
(Parameters: Max wage: 4 000 $, Max price: 20 000 $, Coach at least 'solid')
Transferlist assistants VERY GOOD general appraisal
(Parameters: Max wage: 6 000 $, Max price: 20 000 $, Coach at least 'very good')

Important to remember: for assistants the general appraisal and low wage are important, NOT the skills!!

>> Junior coach
You don't need a junior coach yet, a junior coach will cost you too much money at the beginning! A junior coach is something for when your main team is ready. Ask other managers what is important to know before you buy/recruit a junior coach and start a junior school.

STEP 4. Tactic and line-up

Watch these videos to learn how to create a tactic in the Tactics editor and a line-up in Match orders, including an example 532 tactic video with comments. Do not use the default tactics, these are NOT good enough!

On Youtube you can find many more Sokker example tactics.

You can also watch your national team matches to learn more about tactics, and ask the NT coach for more info.

>> Tactic video

>> Line-up video

>> Example 532 tactic video

When using this 532 tactic the following info is important to know:
DEF = number 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
MID = number 7, 8 and 9
ATT = number 10 and 11

Number 4 must be a DEF with higher pace + playmaker + passing, he is a very important player!

More example tactics on Youtube Charles Hill channel.

STEP 5. Friendly matches

Always arrange friendly matches so the players who didn't play competition matches in the weekends will also receive training on Thursdays, and you can also use these friendly matches to try out new tactics. You need to arrange these friendly matches weekly. Go to the Friendly match page, make your own ad and/or browse ads and invite teams (not possible on Wednesdays). You can also go to the Friendly topic and ask for a friendly match, or try to join a Friendly league (only Plus managers can start new friendly leagues).

STEP 6. Stadium

DO NOT rebuild your stadium yet!! First invest your money in players, head coach and assistants before you start rebuilding your stadium! The only thing you can do from start after step 2 and 3 is to buy a 1 or 2 levels higher pitch type to prevent injuries and to improve players performances. Buy nothing else in stadium.

When your stadium gets sold out, first raise the ticketprices a bit and if you're still sold out after a few weeks you can start thinking about rebuilding your stadium (always rebuild the 100 Standings first and rebuild with a minimum of 1500 Benches).


This is my advice how to get started with Sokker, but ofcourse there are many other ways that will also work fine.

If you like this tutorial, you can translate the text, maybe change some things you think that should be a bit different, and post it on your own country newbie forum (link to an easy to copy text for using this tutorial on your country newbie forum: link to document)

The next step: Tutorial 2: Getting more advanced with Sokker


2012-02-24 18:01:28
● ATT = striker, technique, stamina - (pace, playmaker, passing) - ((defender))

didn't read all, but you should change this, cause pace is at least in same level with striker and technique if he isn't even important then this two....and for side skills I would take defender as most important one

● ATT = striker, pace, technique, stamina - (defender, playmaker, passing)
2012-02-24 18:02:25
● Transferlist young ATT's (pay extra attention to striker + technique!!)

same here

● Transferlist young ATT's (pay extra attention to striker + pace + technique!!)

2012-02-24 18:04:44
If you don't know what to do ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS and/or read the Rules again before you spend your money!

here should be

If you don't know what to do ALWAYS READ RULES AND TUTORIAL FIRST, than ask questions on forum before you spend your money!
2012-02-24 18:07:19
Visualy this is maybe the best tutorial I have seen here which is important, cause this will motivate new users to read it to the end....good job mate
2012-02-24 18:23:04
try to sel everybody, font fire them!
2012-02-24 18:25:48
yes, they are noobs here, so they should put them first on TL and if they can't sell them, than fire them
2012-02-24 18:26:30
my new comer friend fired 17 players today :S
2012-02-24 19:23:58
it´s a great tutorial!
2012-02-25 00:23:10
Thanks guys :) And also for the comments ofcourse, I will look into it this weekend and if needed I'll change a few things in the text.
2012-02-25 15:26:16
try to sel everybody, font fire them!

Doesn't matter if they are fired, these are the players new managers have to start with. Most, of maybe even all, won't be sold at all.

Players managers start with (doc)
2012-02-25 16:47:34
Skill pace is changed for MID and ATT :) Hope this won't make it more difficult for new managers. And text Step 2 also changed a bit.
2012-02-26 21:32:26
Nice one Mr Hill. One thing I was sad about as a noobie was the fact that all three of the transfer list links for coaches you posted has 0 results =[
2012-02-26 22:22:03
Thanks :)

And strange you get no results. I only see 'Transferlist assistants GOOD general appraisal' has no results at the moment, all other links I checked does find coaches on the transferlist.

EDIT: but ofcourse coaches come and go on the transferlist, so sometimes there won't be any coaches on the transferlist that have the required skills or general appraisal + wage to be in the links.
2012-02-26 23:15:22
They wont show up because you set the price in your currency and when we (users from other country's and other currency's) open the link that price is just too low in our currency.

Hope it´s clear :P
2012-02-26 23:17:38
Ah alright, that's a problem ... I will look into it to see if I can fix that.

EDIT: do you have the same problem with opening the links of players?