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Subject: Top Stars (+21) NO ADS

2017-11-17 17:59:11
Hornblower to All
I hate to say it, but I removed the original topic. My cellphone didn't do what I wanted :( Sorry guys! Only devs can restore this, so maybe with some luck ...

Post here your top star players!


It is also not allowed to use this topic to make advertisement for a transfer search

question: But if i post here a player like today,and after 2 week i put him on TA am i braking the rule?

answer: no, cause till then your posting will be 4-5 pages back.

Just don't put here players you want to sell, it's not a transfer forum. If you sell your player some weeks later noone cares.

Most of the users just read the new postings, maybe 1-2 pages back and there the players should NOT be on transfer market or on transfer advertising.
2017-11-17 22:50:02
shame on You! ;p
2017-11-17 23:41:14

thx Pardoes! -.-
2017-11-17 23:58:55
Nothing to do with you being belgian and all those posts about Luissel :p
2017-11-18 10:13:08
Luissel was just the tip of an iceberg. People started posting weak players like that so the thread didn't serve its original purpose anymore. Pardoes did what he thought was right.
2017-11-18 15:29:22
just to bring this thread back on track and start it without weak players.

Delio Cassibba, age: 24, height: 178 cm
value: 2 558 000 kn, wage: 45 000 kn
club: Green Street Hooligans, country: Italia
hopeless form, formidable tactical discipline
formidable stamina, very good keeper
incredible pace, weak defender
unsatisfactory technique, weak playmaker
very good passing, poor striker

Should get some pace and pass training in the future, hopefully keeper can pop from generals and his form improves.
2017-11-18 15:59:38
3999€ robbed
2017-11-18 16:09:20
nice, probably my best buy then :)
2017-11-21 16:44:59
Was injured for a portion of this season so he has fallen more behind Luissel but I think he should still be top 3 (?) for 24 year old?

Chip Wells, age: 24, height: 179 cm
value: 2 262 250 $, wage: 21 850 $
club: FC Nippon, country: USA
magical form, unearthly tactical discipline

excellent stamina, unsatisfactory keeper
unearthly pace, incredible defender
unearthly technique, unearthly playmaker
unearthly passing, excellent striker
2017-11-21 16:55:47
There are at least 3 players better.

I thought he would be close to 5x 16 at this moment. Back in days was slighty better than my Kajetan.
2017-11-21 17:54:07
I wonder what level of assistants he has? That may be the difference...
2017-11-21 20:47:51
2017-11-21 21:21:13
loop to Adam
Different training plan, some weeks injury, a bit weaker talent and subs make also a lot of difference once players get older and reach higher levels on the long run. Also a big difference on the long run if one or to matches are played.
Then there is the mathematic, for instance managers who go the "pace first" way will always win on the long run since this skill loses more effective training value per saison than the others do.

Since it's messed up now I would sack him.

Lol no, still a very nice, very nice player =D
2017-11-22 14:49:14
I thought so. He wasn't even on the NT until recently because the manager didn't believe he had those skills...

Either way, still one heck of a generation for MID.
2017-11-22 20:09:03
Yes:) he is decent but probably injures took away a lot from him.
2017-11-22 21:14:15
hi guys! there will be a lot of tec training in my team next season (>10) so with a bit of luck he'll reach the triple superdivine on the left side. alas, only a little chance for superdivine mid but I don't complain (not my merits so far, just bought him 8-]

Simeon Zlatanović, Age: 27

Verein: FC Edelstahl, Land: Srbija
Wert: 2 597 000 €
Gehalt: 38 725 €
akzeptabel [6] Form
zuverlässig [8] taktische Disziplin
Größe: 170 cm, Gewicht: 70.2 kg, BMI: 24.29

formidable [11] Kondition poor [3] Torwart
superdivine (max) [18] Schnelligkeit outstanding [12] Verteidigung
divine [17] Technik divine [17] Spielaufbau
superdivine (max) [18] Passspiel very good [9] Sturm