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Subject: Top Stars (+21) NO ADS

2019-06-13 12:29:55
wow... Best sokker player ever.
2019-06-14 21:23:43
Yep by far! Even his form and tactical discipline are divine and superdivine!
Imagine... 5x Superdivine AND Brilliant scoring :-o
2019-06-15 10:13:12
That’s just insane! Miaso who? Really hope for a pop in pace still before some of the skills drop, would be great to get a screenshot of a 5 x superdivine! :)
2019-06-15 14:43:20
yeah, I'm hoping for that screenshot too, training is set to pace for this week ;)

btw, his value atm is 4 681 250 $ with hopeless keeper skill :O
2019-06-16 19:47:07
And I'm convinced that he won't do bad as a goalie!
2019-07-25 06:41:29
2019-07-25 08:36:30
nice one :) 8 pops in def to go
2019-07-25 16:52:37
Dtox9 to Din0
?? How's that even possible at early 26y... Unbelievable...
2019-07-25 17:40:07
as far as I can remember Miaso was 5 x divine while still being 25, Luisell become 5 x divine in week 2 while he was 26, but Kierski is really impressive. Really interested in how is he performing in games with such high pass/PM when playing as striker, from my experience that kind of players have a bad habit of making backward passes instead trying to score.

btw, I'm afraid Lennart would never become 5 x superdivine (at least not at the same time), pace was back to superdivine last Thursday (and dropped on Sunday already) but his pass and tech drop to divine early in the season too :(
2019-07-25 20:10:15
Tbh Kierski had a little chance to get to 5x17 at 25y but he lost 5 weeks due to injuries at his 24/25y seasons.
Have to watch some Poland NT games for that, my league is way too weak for any assessment on how he would perform in competitive games.
Bad luck, he got so close. Still the best player in SK history.
2019-07-26 03:05:35
My only regret with him is giving him 2 extra tech training while he was 20yo. Probably cost him both reaching 5 x divine at 25y and being 5 x superdivine at some point.

On the other hand, I was extremely lucky with his injuries considering he was playing two games per week with my team almost all the time and having 114 NT games.
2019-08-01 22:42:34
Arno Jannasch, age: 24

club: Spin Of Terrible Winds, country: Deutschland,
value: 8 597 000 lei, wage: 91 900 lei,
magical [15] form, magical [15] tactical discipline,
height: 173 cm, weight: 66.8 kg, BMI: 22.32

formidable [11] stamina weak [4] keeper
divine [17] pace formidable [11] defender
brilliant [14] technique unearthly [16] playmaker
unearthly [16] passing very good [9] striker

how is 4 weeks and 11 GT to 16 passing at 24 years old? :)

2019-08-01 23:44:07

I should have asked for more money
2019-08-01 23:47:01
5 weeks to 16 pm a few weeks ago :)
he also has 4 trainings at tech, so there is a chance he will pop next week at +3 pace
so yeah, right now i feel like this player was a huge bargain
2019-08-01 23:48:10
i can sell him back to you :P
2019-08-08 09:04:43
formidable [11] stamina average [5] keeper
divine [17] pace divine [17] defender
divine [17] technique divine [17] playmaker
divine [17] passing formidable [11] striker

Barbez 27

Quite some injurys but finally there..