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Subject: [U21] World Cup

2019-06-21 18:33:01
My group is very hard !!

1. România U21
2. Deutschland U21
3. Česká republika U21
4. Uruguay U21
2019-06-21 21:17:46
i will make a u21wc guide, is not necessary this topic...
2019-06-21 22:03:00

go there and click "resign" button. you're welcome! :P
2019-06-21 22:40:31
You can do it here
2019-06-22 00:50:37
Wow that really is the definition of group of death :P
2019-06-22 01:09:16
hm... nah, i will make a topic as always i made it
2019-06-22 01:28:26
I said that? I just said it's a tough group.

2019-06-22 01:29:50
Congratulations dear !!

2019-06-22 07:11:42
no, I said that? It's literally the u-21 group of death.

Not trying to be sarcastic.
2019-06-22 07:44:10
2019-06-22 07:59:40
Petru, I guess we will be tired after all those matches agains each other :-)
2019-06-22 08:04:52
+ 1

There are good teams
2019-06-22 08:41:40
Yes, that îs amazing in this game.
2019-06-22 10:39:55
Good luck to all of you :) Will be some good matches
2019-06-22 10:40:09
Ranking today:

My team is the weakest one... LOL
2019-06-22 12:07:01
Please help her.