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Potemė: Films

2018-09-16 22:30:09
You never know...Mickey Skywalker and Donald Solo :-p
2018-11-25 20:27:48
Political Sci-Fi movie, Index Zero. Was okay to watch, something different as usual.
2019-05-15 21:17:52
The Conjuring 2
top :)

2019-06-13 11:20:40

Oslo, 31. august
A Short Film About Killing
Girl With a Pearl Earring
Down by Law
Enter the Void
Taxi Driver

These are my favourites :P
2019-07-24 23:41:10
I Am Mother

A good sci-fi with many (but not too many) plot twists. Keeps interesting till the very end, and even then you have to find out what just happened.

Some others get it right away, I didn't :)

Underrated on IMDb

2019-07-24 23:48:19

A sci-fi that feels believable, makes it okay to watch.
2019-07-25 09:56:17
I liked Prospect very much.
2019-07-25 20:53:20
Yeh, not the usual laser shooting CGI sci-fi movie