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Subject: Junior school? What do you think?

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2011-12-05 22:35:27
Currently I am 3rd after the first leg in the B-League so it seems like I will be pretty safe from being demoted in the longrun. I make about 120 k a week from sponsors and its only going to go up in the next leg of the season. I spend about 95k on everything(35 k on coaches) My headcoach has 3x unearthly striking/pace/tech and I have 3x solid-very good assistant coaches. I have about 600k accumulated from this season. I'm definately going to bulk up my defense and maybe change some terraces into seats( for about 200k). But to make sokker more enjoyable and hopefully to give the US some national team youths. With my profit margin and stability in the B should I go for a youth squad with about 20 youths in it and an outstanding coach?
2011-12-05 22:53:20
youth school is a crap shoot with more peeps losing money than gaining. You could land the big one and make out ahead. If you know this ahead of time and can afford to without hurting your club team. Then yes go for it, the U21 program needs as many pulls as possible.

I would recommend something better than an outstanding coach but its a place to start.
2011-12-05 23:17:06
id suggest putting all your money in stadium, then signing up at
2011-12-05 23:22:58
I mean I have some money I can throw away. But i don't fill my stadium despite having fans that are madly in love with the club. But that could be due to the terraces. Whats a good price to charge for seats w/o a roof?
2011-12-06 00:24:47
Wow, heavy clouds and showers in all your home matches this season, that's crazy bad luck.

Those prices seem pretty low for B league but without a roof you suffer in the rain. You'd probably sell out in good weather.
2011-12-06 02:25:09
I never noticed it but yea. I've had heavy showers every home game and some more coming this next match day. I'm not truly dependent on ticket sales. Without them i break +300000 a week.And I still sell out my benches on sunday even though it rains.. I just bought 5000 seats and have 2000 benches what do you suggest I charge?
2011-12-06 04:22:42
How many fans do you have?
2011-12-06 21:59:53
1220 fans and getting 20 on every win and 10 on losses.
2011-12-07 09:04:58
I had about 1900 when I was in B last season and was charging a lot more than what you are and getting like 80-90% turnout on average.

But I had all seats and half of them were covered, so it's different. Probably would make sense to wait and see how you do in nice weather, and if you do sell out just bump up the prices a dollar at a time until you are almost selling out, which is a good way to maximize income.

But I'd raise the prices on your benches now if you're selling them out.

I've never been too scientific about it, I forget to change the prices half the time when I should, but I think I was charging 12 on average for uncovered seats last season so you're probably not far off with 11, especially in rain.
2011-12-07 21:49:31
Awesome thanks!
2012-01-28 03:57:39
Please have a junior school. The more people with junior schools, the greater chance you pull a NT quality player :)
2012-01-28 23:03:45
while i completely agree with your sentiment, Llama, i feel like C league teams will be more successful without a junior school. and successful C leaguers become be leaguers and stay in the game. once in B league, yes, every manager should be have a junior school, for the good of the US Nt and U21 squads...
2012-01-30 05:19:39
I always had a YS. Use the sales of players that aren't quite trainable by a C-league team to subsidize buying real trainees.
2012-01-30 21:52:57
i did as well. and in retrospect, i pulled some amazing players that helped me make it, almost all the way to A. but i toiled for years in C getting those guys. and the cost of a decent youth school is really hard on a C league squad...500k a year is a tough pill to swallow.
2012-02-04 17:12:27
Cool, just updated my stadium about 5000 seats to adjust for the coach wages and all and i just adjusted my school size to 6 for the week and am in the process of bidding for a coach. Hopefully I get some good pulls
I have a question about junior pulls: What do you guys think a good junior should be found at... By that I mean in the search for juniors ive been getting a lot of adequate leveled players. Obviously I know I haven't struck any-kind of gold, but what is an above average starting skill level for a junior?
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