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Subject: No chance for new players

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2012-10-23 02:47:37
bilmill [del] to All
I joined just over 2 weeks ago. I have upgraded players so that I have at least solid in pace and in the specialty for each position. I have only about $100,000 left and my three league matches I was outscored by 36 - 0. The last match was 15 - 0 and I was outshot 40 - 0. This is just too discouraging to want to play anymore. It would take years to just manage a .500 record in a low league. No new player will stay with the deck stacked like this. It's ridiculous.
2012-10-24 02:17:23
Ouch, you got started in B league, you're absolutely right, there's no way you could ever compete at that level with the resources you started with.

When I started it was in C and I was able to be competitive, more or less right away since that was all bots and one or two other human managers just starting out.

But in the last year or so we've lost a lot of human managers, so much so that now there are new players coming in to fill vacated slots at levels they were never intended to start at. It's one of many problems that this game has that could be solved easily but are not addressed by the developers. Lots of new managers have quit in frustration over this...

Listen mate, this is a good game, despite all it's flaws, I encourage you to try this:

1) Write off this season, don't pay attention to the results, take your defeats and then make sure you LOSE the promotion/demotion match at the end of the season so that you go down to C next season and can start competing, learning and enjoying the games. Seriously, for that game make a special "corner tactic" where all your players stand in the corner the whole game and the other team is left alone with your keeper. The difference in competition between C and B is night and day and you'll want to be in C next season.

2) While you are waiting, sell or fire all your players over the age of 22 or 23, and any under that age who are not very good. Use the 100k you have left plus any money you got from the sales to get a coach with unearthly in pace training and fill out 2 squads of trainees, 22 players in all, so that you can train pace for the rest of this season. Then at the end of the season you will have some improved players who can either help you out in C or be sold for slightly better trainees. There is more about this process in the various newbie guides out there on getting started out. Some of those are in this forum.

3) In the meantime, to get started actually watching games and caring about the results, go sign up for Ultimate Manager, it's a lot easier on new players than this game and in some ways even better than this all around. There's a thread about that game here in Freestyle USA if you have any questions or want to chat.
2012-10-24 02:26:21
Oh yeah, one more thing, the default tactics are really bad, you'll get murdered trying to use them, even with good players, you'll need to design something with at least a flat back defensive line. Something like a compact line of 4, or three in the center with 2 wingbacks...

It looks like a couple other teams in your league are only slightly better than yours you might want to design a tactic and watch how it works in your games against them. With a decent tactic you might snatch a draw or at least keep it respectable against some of the weaker teams. Even if you are fielding a team full of teenagers...
2012-10-24 04:45:46
Thanks for taking the time to reply. By the looks of the dates in the forum, I doubted if anyone would read it. If I thought that the game might actually change for the better, I might stick it out but I doubt if it will. I get the feeling like the people running it don't really care about improving it or even administrating it properly. Why would they ever stick new users in anything but the lowest level. Not only that but it looks like the team that I replaced actually was competitive but they dropped all the players and stuck me with basically a group that nobody could beat anyone with. My feeling is that the only way things might change is if no new players stay and more players threaten to leave if something isn't done. I may try again at a later time and hopefully get placed in a league I can be competitive in but just reading some of the forum posts surely makes my think that the powers that be running this game don't give a damn about me or you or any other player. As long as they stay in control, nothing will change.
2012-10-24 23:49:23
Well I'm not going to argue, there's too much there I agree with.

Ultimate Manager is a lot less frustrating in this respect, and with the recent ME changes here, I think their tactical model is now better.
2012-10-26 02:12:30
2012-12-16 06:26:16
regarding relegation game, you could even blow the game by not having a lineup, but would lose a weeks training.
also, play everyone in a corner and have your "keeper" in midfield or positioned as a striker or winger. if your opponents has any striker skills at all you will go down by 20 goals
2014-01-09 15:43:46
I just joined this game too. Would I be better off going to Ultimate Manager instead of this game?
2014-01-10 07:34:07
I dont know. I have never played Ultimate. What do you not like about this game?
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