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Subject: Automatic bidding for transfer players?

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2015-08-31 01:40:33
Is there some sort of automatic system for bidding on transfer players within certain parameters, or do you have to manually enter your next bid every time?

The reason I ask is because sometimes I would like to bid on a player whose auction expires in the middle of the night (at least when it is night where I am), and a guy needs to sleep once in a while. :]
2015-09-01 01:39:52
Sounds like that would be a neat tool but doesn't exist. At least that I know of.
2015-09-01 22:50:51
A romanian guy (a couple of years ago) created a script/tool (he was pretty good with these things) which could auto-bid a certain amount of money on a certain player. He used it only for himself, he just mentioned it to me. So, maybe if you're good at this kind of stuff :) otherwise, no.
2015-09-29 17:24:36
Speaking of bidding, is there a standard minimum bid increase when trying to outbid other coaches? A couple times I tried to increase my bid by a certain amount, but it the system said that my second bid was not high enough, and it seemed to be an odd increment (I think it was something like $1250).
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