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Subject: [Market] Future Nt players

2009-01-22 10:26:20
Ace Kreis

He's one of the most promising players i found and his owner will not train him properly for what he told me. He want to sell him so if any of you is interested don't hesitate. The player should me in the transfer ADS right now!!!
2009-01-22 14:15:47
I would be willing to buy him after selling off a couple more players. He would be a good defender trainee for me. I will be training playmaking and defending this season and next ...
2009-01-22 21:26:15
My roommate might be interested in Ace here. He's currently training pace this season and defender next season.
2009-01-22 21:26:46
could be a 3x outstanding player by the time he turns 21?
2009-01-23 04:58:51
He's has to go to a team who can afford multi skilled coach and high level assistant.

but i think he could be betetr than outstanding..^_^
2009-03-17 21:28:17
this guy looks like a serious contender for U21 and national team options... a c league team is selling him... if you are a USA GK trainer he'd be the one to get i think...

Bernard Karl, age: 17
club: NK Solina, country: USA
value: 162 750 $, wage: 2 200 $
average form, hopeless tactical discipline

poor stamina very good keeper
good pace hopeless defender
hopeless technique tragic playmaker
solid passing hopeless striker
2009-03-17 21:29:26
and yes i just saw fromasta has him in another section. but he is still worth noting.
2009-03-24 20:51:02
went for 1.1, hope i pull more keepers
2009-03-30 08:20:45
Anybody training wingers / mids? I pulled this guy earlier in the season... his junior history looked like this --/--/---/. I'm training him in pace right now, but I'll be selling him at the turn of the season...

Theodore D'Angelo, age: 18
club: Saia`s Strikers, country: USA
value: 74 250 $, wage: 950 $
outstanding form, weak tactical discipline

hopeless stamina hopeless keeper
average pace weak defender
unsatisfactory technique solid playmaker
very good passing unsatisfactory striker
2009-03-30 14:52:42
I believe robfol trains mids, but could be wrong?
2009-04-04 08:28:10
i train mids. if you get his pace up i'll be interested.
2009-04-29 09:52:42
Billy Noyes

very good stamina hopeless keeper
unearthly pace formidable defender
average technique average playmaker
average passing unsatisfactory striker

He will not be trained next season, so if anybody is interested can make an offer to the owner.
2009-05-07 23:47:30
Kurt Kreis , age: 19
club: borabora`s, country: USA
value: 231 750 €, wage: 2 550 €
incredible form, good tactical discipline

poor stamina, unsatisfactory keeper
excellent pace, average defender
outstanding technique, good playmaker
good passing
, hopeless striker

mierna kondycja niedostateczny bramkarz
celująca szybkość przeciętny obrońca
znakomita technika dobry rozgrywający
dobre podania beznadziejny strzelec


2009-05-08 00:51:08
ill be bidding on him
2009-05-12 14:32:02
Seth Lyons

He has talent 4,06 Def and 5 Pace.

+ 2 train Defender
+ 2 train Pace
+ 1 train and 10 mini Tec
+ 18 mini train Pass
+ 8 mini train PM

I consider offering
2009-05-12 15:04:15
i knew that name looked familiar... there is no way i could of got him to where he is now. i just couldn't train def that much.