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Subject: How to send your players to the NT Database

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2012-02-08 05:16:37
Uriah [del] to All
The short version:
1) Install oSokker
2) Click the flag on your player page
3) Click "Send"

More detail:

If you have firefox as your browser, install oSokker, this is a small download and easy installation that should take about 2 minutes:

oSokker is a small plugin for firefox that enables several useful features to enhance your Sokker experience. One of the most useful of these is the ability to send your players to the NTDB in 2 easy clicks.

First click the small flag that appears on your player's page. You will be redirected to a second page. On this page click "Send" and you are done. Feel free to include any useful notes about the player like talent or recent pops as well as what you are currently training.

If you use Opera get oSokker here:

If you're using Internet Explorer or another browser you can update your players manually here:

Or you can mail the skills to the current NT or U21 manager and they will do it for you.

Remember that having a player in the national side is very prestigious and does increase attendance for your club as more people want to come out and see your national team star.
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