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Subject: Scottish Premier League

2015-01-04 19:08:07
How was that even a penalty? The big teams get all the decisions!

2015-01-04 19:09:51
I think there could be a conspiracy going on here!
2015-01-04 19:42:48
It's a conspiracy, it's a conspiracy!

Should have been much more with the chances we create, once this team clicks up front someone's getting a hiding!

Back to work 2moro after 2 weeks, depression and nae lottery win

2015-01-04 19:45:23
Just need jacko and goodwillie signed up and a couple of Charlie hills in the transfer window and cement European football as soon as possible!
2015-01-04 19:48:35
Tell me about it. We're needing a January bonus as well to get me motivated.

If S Pat ever mentions again that superstar ref Willie Collum never gives Aberdeen any decisions I'm going to knock him out.

Cmon Celtic, get the cheque book out & buy the title!
2015-01-04 19:50:27
If you are needing something cemented I'd probably ask Borkos! :)
2015-01-04 22:52:26

The usual tom kite that's written in the wedgie rags.
2015-01-17 18:16:13
Nice results today.

Come on Ronny! Lets get the Bhoys back on top by Wednesday!
2015-01-31 18:00:40
Today we are all Nadir Ciftci! :)
2015-02-01 16:27:49

Let's all do the huddle, Let's all do the huddle, na na na na, na na na na!
2015-05-31 22:40:32
Range... oh wait. Wrong thread.
2015-05-31 22:45:58
6-1 on average isn't too bad though? :P
2015-06-01 22:42:22

2015-06-05 23:31:13
Sepp Blatter is my hero!

2015-06-05 23:44:22
Spanish tv are reporting on the Rangers EGM.