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Subject: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2013-14

2013-07-23 21:33:44
Marts to All
Nõmme Kalju won HJK!!!
2013-07-24 12:18:01
akkkk kakakak kkkkk jjjajjj llemden!! Hvratska! ; ) ojjj domingas?
2013-07-25 07:15:30
Nõmme Kalju won HJK!!!

5 finnish teams in eurocups this season, and all of them are out after their first opponents. Beaten by teams from Luxembourg, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Azerbaijan and (today evening)Poland. No offence against anyone but our teams really should beat teams from small football countries like Luxembourg, Faroe Island and Estonia, and maybe Azerbaijan too..
But I guess thats the level where our football is today.. :(
2013-07-25 09:52:53
and ski jumping as well, but in football at least you were never strong, on the other hand Azerbaijan grew pretty strong so maybe no, but Luxemburg and Faroe Island should be beaten that's for sure, no matter the level of your league (today polish Piast has home 2nd leg after 1:2 in Azerbaijan)
2013-07-25 18:33:38
We had luck, because HJK was actually stronger.
2013-07-26 10:31:19
and now you have Viktoria Plzeň ... so .. END ;)
2013-07-26 13:52:06
Most likely yeah. :D
2013-07-30 20:50:04
So, what do you think? Have you got any chance? :D
2013-07-30 21:56:33
0:4 says it all, lol. :)
2013-08-05 03:28:44
2013-08-07 21:57:53
Terrible performance by Celtic tonight but we are through to the next round of qualifiers. At one point Charlie Mulgrew ran the ball out of play like a sokker winger! Hopefully we get an easy draw on Friday.

C'mon the Celtic!!
2013-08-07 22:06:40
10:2... (H: 0:4; A: 6:2)

e: like a hockey match...
2013-08-08 19:51:58
unfortunately huge disgrace for polish football today, after 0:1 in Wilno, Lech is losing home game 0:1 (ht), and seems no chance for 3 goals in second half so new record for Lithuanian football in Europe - 4th round

2:1 final result, but 2 goals in last minutes were lucky, Lech's game was disaster, Zalgiris deserved it - no doubt about it, not to metnion Polish supporters behavior was a shameful for Poland:

which means "Lithuanian boor, kneal before polish lord"
2013-08-22 14:36:34
Celtic has my simpathy

When Celtic has played against Villareal, i dont remember if it was CL or UEFA cup, the Celtic supporters i met on the pubs, where really nice people generally

When Glasgow Rangers played against Valencia, the supporters were barbarians xD. Even i had some nice conversation with a GR marriage couple in a bar, drinking some beer, the generally GR fan were errg

So yeah Come on Celtic!

2013-08-28 00:10:53
Damn, Legia was so close...

But their Ultras had a bit of fun anyway:

2013-08-28 01:10:24
Legia was never close, the Romanians were much better and deserved to qualify.

The flares were a 'great' idea, considering the main supporter stand was closed because of supporters behaviour in previous game...what now, closed stadium for EL games?