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Subject: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2013-14

2014-08-09 01:55:10
ah, the best part is that she isn't even pretty. she looks like a human poodle :D

2014-08-09 10:37:23
is she still alive? :D
2014-08-09 11:42:55
Well, doesn't matter if she looks crap (though she does of course and is dumbass too), this should never happen whoever would be responsible for that job.
Still, looks like uefa don't really want our Ultra Extreme Fanatical Atmosphere in CL... I just wonder if the result was like... 6:1 in 1st match, would uefa change rules of wo and make it 5:0 since this. Or would they just remove us from european cups...
And at least - props to vladimir weiss. And to some media from europe. Funny that for uefa here's still 'east' and 'west'...
2014-08-09 12:16:37
Message deleted

2014-08-09 19:08:26
I just wonder if the result was like... 6:1 in 1st match,

Then Legia would still be running for CL, and Celtic would be out, simple as that. They didn't make any new rule for this case, so I don't understand your concern.

While I do find Legia's elimination ridiculous, it could only be avoided by changing rules on the spot and making special decisions, not the other way around.
2014-08-26 22:42:51
Well, this is not the right topic, but...

Celtic 0 x 1 Maribor, Celtic is out. Slovenia is back after 14 years.

Congratulations also to Zenit, APOEL, BATE Borisov and Porto.

2014-08-27 15:06:04
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