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Subject: Barclays Premier League 2013-14

2013-08-21 15:28:20
2013-08-21 16:21:06
i think it will be 1-0 for chelsea or a draw 1-1.
when chelsea vs hull city very hard to score. only 2 goals created.
aston villa can win vs arsenal.
2013-08-21 21:41:15
Villa won at Emirates, now another London club to defeat :P
2013-08-22 15:09:59
Tell me more about that
2013-08-22 18:31:41
Tell me about Terry's hand in penalty box (93min)
2013-08-25 18:50:54
Cardiff woop woop.
2013-08-25 22:48:52
Was at Newcastle v West Ham United yesterday , my first ever premier league game

The atmosphere was fantastic but what a terrible game !!
2013-08-26 15:12:47
unbelievable cardiff can win with score 3 goals and belamy play as right wing attack.

big match, MU vs chelsea. i hope MU can win. but i like mourinho.
2013-08-26 17:04:47
Next week L'pool vs MU, and in gameweek 5 Man City vs MU.Hard schedule at start for red devils
2013-08-26 20:11:10
Rooney starts, and mata on the bench. Interesting calls..
De Bruyne again in the starting eleven. Great for him.
2013-08-26 20:55:42
And Schurrle.Thought Lukaku will play
2013-08-28 19:47:06
2013-08-28 21:22:19
2013-08-28 22:56:35
shame for Arsenal they can't buy their own captain :P no future with Wenger imo
2013-09-01 07:29:38

I think it will be 2-0 tomorrow, Soldado and Dawson scoring.