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Subject: Champions League 2014/15

2015-05-14 21:03:33
what team do u like to watch ??

when i watch, i hope the opponent to play as well as Barca but it is too rare !!!! :)
2015-05-14 21:15:02
I just don't like teams who keep the ball in the defense / defensive midfield to counterattack or quickly break out (which is how Barca scores 3/4 goals). I prefer teams that try to attack more frequently even with the risk of losing the ball over teams that keep ticking around till the opening comes :)
As I said, Barca is a master at their type of gameplay, it just does not appeal to me.
2015-05-14 22:16:21
teams who keep the ball in the defense / defensive midfield to counterattack or quickly break out (which is how Barca scores 3/4 goals)

Barça has deviated from "tiki taka" towards more counter attacks reccently, but that is still an overstatement. Counter attacks come from steals anyway, not from own -long- possession....

- when you mostly defend, and each time you steal the ball you try to reach the opponent's goal quickly, no matter how short your possession becomes, it's called counter attack.
- When you hold the ball and pass around in search of an opening in the opponent's defense, it's called attack.
- When you do neither, it's called shool backyard nonsense :P
2015-06-07 17:52:11
Congratulations Barça, it was an incredible match, one of the best finals in the last years.
2015-06-12 23:19:56
not really, result was predictable, previous finals were much more interesting, that final was like 2011, god-like Barca against just good, but not good enough rival
2015-06-13 19:58:16
Well, the result was predictable but the way it arrived wasn't; everyone thought we would sit back for the entirety of the match and just let Barca do as they pleased, instead we tried to play the match and we could even win if that penalty on Pogba would have been given; first half i agree, we started well but, after Barca went above after just a few minutes we couldn't cope with the pressure; second half was a different story, we managed to get back in the game and was a pretty even match, we got punished by a counter attack and their third arrived after another counter in the last minute; we deservedly lost because they were better (after all they can boost an attack with Messi, Suarez and Neymar), but to say that the match wasn't interesting or one-sided, to me, is incorrect.
2015-06-15 13:41:26
I only said that previous final games were more interesting. I couldn't help myself from feeling that Barcelona looked like they weren't playing 100% all time and they could score any time they wanted, but then Juventus started playing and looked really good, yet the scenario repeated from the previous Juve goal - one side is better, but lose a goal :P It was interesting at some point and wasn't one-sided most of the time in 2nd half, but still previous finals were closer games.