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Subject: SEMI-finals

2014-07-06 00:52:47
Gunner [del] to All
• Semi-finals

Tue, Jul 8, 4:00 PM on ESPN
Estádio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte

Brazil vs Germany

Wed, Jul 9, 4:00 PM on ESPN
Arena Corinthians, São Paulo

Netherlands vs Argentina
2014-07-06 00:54:04
Netherlands to the end!!!!=)
2014-07-06 01:01:54
I hope for:

Germany vs. Netherlands or Brazil vs. Argentina

I still favour Germany to win.
2014-07-06 01:04:35
boring teams with their boring 0:0/1:0 games, this tournament has ended with group stage, whoever win, doesn't deserve it
2014-07-06 01:18:16
2014-07-06 01:19:53
0:0/1:0 games

Have you watched the WC?
2014-07-06 01:32:49
yes, but I started yawning since round of 16
2014-07-06 02:17:37
Brazil vs Germany

everything can happen here... Brezil is without Neymar, but - far more worse - without Thiago Silva... Germany can really do it...

Netherlands vs Argentina

I root for Ned, but I'm afraid Argentinians fast forwards will be happy to find central defenders big but pretty slow like Martins Indi and Vlaar... Argentinian defenders look more ready to face Robben and friends...

2014-07-06 03:42:26
Germany and Netherlands... Ned will win (I hope)! Go Orange!
2014-07-06 04:08:19
I bet at the beginning for Germany - Netherland in final, and i still hope to see them :D
2014-07-06 09:43:53
Where is that bet.!
2014-07-06 11:08:57
Holland's luck has to end at some point ...
2014-07-06 11:33:58
Yesterday we deserved to win 300%.
Did you miss all those times we could have scored???
Not any other team in SEMI-finals did create so many goal attempts as we did.
2014-07-06 11:36:14
And football is mathematics ... right, I forgot!
Face it, Holland failed to score, Ref did not whistle a penalty in the regular 90 minutes => that is luck you weren't knocked out after 90 minutes (given CR had scored of course, but there was no Krul then :p)
2014-07-06 11:38:27
Indeed we failed to score, but in other matches we did score a lot, so what are you talking about?
About penalties, we deserved 1 in the 1st half against Mexico and did not get one, so it was a heavy match because of the referee. The only thing people are talking about is the penalty in the end against Mexico, but you hear no one about the penalty we did not get... Ok that sort of things happen, but don't tell we did not deserve this and it is because of luck, this team is great together and that is what did bring us so far.
2014-07-06 11:51:04
Come on Poey, previous games are irrelevant when a match is going on, so who cares about Mexico (yes, it was luck that you got that last minute penalty - still convinced it wasn't a foul - even if you deserved one earlier in the game). And because your team scored a lot in previous games, it's not bad they couldn't score yesterday? Oo