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Springhill United Reserves [11447]

Owner: jazz galvin

Joined: 2010-08-10 Language: English

Last matches:
Division II.03 Polska Walcząca -:- Springhill United Reserves

Friendly Springhill United Reserves 2:1 PYUNIK ABOVYAN

money and new players

2012-03-08 20:57

Junior Reds Knights have saved up a couple of hundred thousand to bring in better older players to up the team a bit more; the team can now progress in div III and hopefully come in the top 3. their manager will just have to wait and see what the season provides us with and where we will end up afterwards.


money and new players

2012-03-08 20:57

we are staying up

2011-10-29 10:03

div III who would of thought it

2011-03-05 08:11

the future

2011-02-20 20:29


Wunderfull games thanks wy never at my place

HEUS 2017-05-27

Good luck this season!!!!!!!

nothis 2017-01-07


birbacion 2012-07-01

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Junior Michael Kewell has signed a contract
2019-08-15 16:45:08
Junior James Kewell has signed a contract
2019-08-15 16:45:07
Junior Daniel Prior has signed a contract
2019-08-08 12:00:07
Junior Steven Merѕon has signed a contract
2019-07-18 09:10:39
Jesse Trundle has been sold
2019-07-15 16:22:31