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Chuck Norris FC [3982]

Owner: Logged_out

Joined: 2005-10-25 Language: English

Last matches:
Premiership AFC Bramford Lane -:- Chuck Norris FC

FA Cup rock cool 0:14 Chuck Norris FC

Chuck Norris News

Congratulations Leicester City FC

2016-05-13 16:49

Chuck congratulated the Leicester City players on winning the Premiere league title (2015/16) on his private island, today in person. Chuck is hosting the Leicester City players, manager and backroom staff on his island for a couple of days. There's no rest for them, you can be assured. Some serious training is taking place, naturally!!

The Leicester City players and manager agreed that if it wasn't for Mr Norris's influence, motivation and involvement at the club, they would never have achieved their dreams and owe everything to Chuck. Well, goes without saying really!

Chuck swiftly round-house kicked their faces in, which is tradition in Chucks neck of the woods...

Well done Leicester for making the Premiere league a very interesting season.


Thanks chuck ^^

bogged 2017-05-17

Your Chuck Norris is clearly an imposter. He needs no weapons!

mr_gibbage [del] 2015-10-22

Thnx man:) Good luck there, on Assis;)

trungkin [del] 2012-01-07

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