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Bosna i Hercegovina [47]

Coach: kulixix

Joined: Language:

Last matches:
Group M România -:- Bosna i Hercegovina

Group M Bosna i Hercegovina 2:1 al-Jazā’ir

Bosna i Hercegovina

To automatically add or update player into Bosna i Hercegovina NT database please use the following procedure:

1. Install –Firefox
2. Install - osokker version 0.2 for firefox
3. Click on the potential NT player in your team and above his skills click the country flag, and than submit the form that will be automatically generated.

To add skills manually, fill in the following NT Database Form

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2017-08-31 09:49
kulixix / 2017-08-31 09:49

instinct / 2015-11-26 12:29

Amir [del] / 2010-12-07 16:00

Deadline: 2017-08-20
Winner: kulixix
received 10 votes
election page
Rank points: 2382.49
Number of players: 40
Average form: incredible
Average age: 28.5
Average value: 2 293 157 $
Total value: 91 726 250 $
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