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Racing Roeland [63628]

Vlasnik: Dtox9

Pridružen: 2006-10-07 Jezik: English

Posljednje utakmice:
2de Klasse.02 Racing Roeland -:- CF Jurgisco

Beker van België Derop of deronder 0:7 Racing Roeland

R.R. Book of the Journalist

Another step back...

2018-07-01 21:00

Football can be so simple and yet so cruel. With our great team we've had more bad luck than with our lesser team. That's why the board decided to sell the entire A-team and to invest in very young talents. But that also ment we should take a step back on the sportive side.
And so we're here today, the day we relegate from 2nd class. The next step is to sell all remaining players who's wages weigh too much on the clubs budget. And from that point we should invest in a team that takes training to another level.
Our trainingstaff is complete. Now we need the players who can fulfill the potential we need to grow to another level!
To be continued...


Another step back...

2018-07-01 21:00


2017-06-21 19:47

Promotion....At last!

2016-05-15 20:06

Robbed at the finish!

2016-01-19 20:15

A new Era!

2015-01-16 20:45

Clean up!

2014-01-21 20:46


2013-08-25 09:17

End of season

2013-04-21 11:31

1-line priority

2013-02-20 22:45

Ready for a new season.

2013-01-11 12:21

Knjiga gostiju

Dtox hartelijk bedankt voor moeite voor plus te helpen.

Mineirão 2018-04-25

Mission accomplished! I'm happy!

DON SAL 2017-11-18

Op t gemakske hier ;) Leg volgend seizoen Langhski over de knie

EL Dorado 2017-11-15

ulazi: 35 | slijedeći

Pozovi prijatelje i zaradi besplatni Plus!
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Junior Mika Devriendt has signed a contract
2019-09-19 22:42:12
Cyriel Van de Verre has been sold
2019-09-08 20:24:23
Cyriel Van de Verre has been placed on a transfer list
2019-09-06 20:07:49
Junior Cyriel Van de Verre has signed a contract
2019-09-06 15:33:22
Piotr Gospodarek has been bought
2019-07-12 21:01:48