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Schadenfreude [11247]

Owner: Houdini

Joined: 2011-08-22 Language: English

Last matches:
Junior Premiership Southend FC -:- Schadenfreude

Division II.01 Armitage Youth 0:9 Schadenfreude

Daily Depression

Can we blow it again......?

2019-08-22 14:57

With a perfect record , a strong team and a triffic(arry) manager surely Schadenfreude are set for the Premiership again. However given their immensely strange propensity to somehow blow a lead each year the fans arent jumping through hoops just yet. If i was a betting man (or the Dalai Lama - a TIBETAN man) i wouldnt back them for fact get your money on another blow up towards the end of the season. Death , Taxes and Schadenfreude blowing it


Can we blow it again......?

2019-08-22 14:57

Unbelievable !!!

2019-06-22 02:45

Refuse Promotion....Rubbish ????

2018-06-28 15:06

Good Riddance Premiership

2018-03-18 23:35

A Problem Shared is...........

2017-09-20 19:41

Its wednesday

2017-09-13 20:13

Nothing new to report

2017-09-11 13:57

no entries

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Stadium has been rebuilt
2019-10-12 20:13:55
Daνid Dixon has been placed on a transfer list
2019-10-10 07:46:53
Junior Daνid Dixon has signed a contract
2019-10-10 07:46:33
Bolesław Sitarski has been sold
2019-10-10 02:07:05
Franco Merzagora has been sold
2019-10-10 02:06:57