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FC BUUR [7645]

Owner: kongbuur

Joined: 2005-03-24 Language: English

Last matches:
Landspokalturneringen SokkerBob -:- FC BUUR

Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence 2.0 Fc Udskud 0:2 FC BUUR

Season Summary and Player Status + Jersey Numbers:

Update, May 2016:

2016-05-09 08:56

Silly Season
(Update to 'last complete season')

We are happy to welcome home Leon Green who will fit perfectly here (see below). Not only is he local, a junior from our own school, and as such danish, but he stands for youth and talent as well - and will undoubtedly be the long term replacement for Kormany in CD. Leon is 24, but his birthday is coming up soon.

We have not seen a player from our own school join the first team in ages, so this is indeed a happy day. Leon was sold for peanuts as a youngster - we only have ourselves to blame - and developed much better than we would have ever thought abroad. When he returned to Denmark, he chose current champions Rishøj IF. We cannot blame him for that, but we are very happy that he has now chosen to let CC be CC and return home.

We have to admit that this took a very large chunk out of our budget, much more than expected. But, apparently, some Finnish club wanted him almost just as bad. We have no regrets: Welcome home, Leon Green!

Leon wants shirt #4 (Kormany) but accepted to wait for it. He will play in shirt #13 until #4 becomes available. He said something about being 'the lost son who damned well deserved #4' - but refused to repeat it.

Last Complete Season:

Cup: Round 5, quarter final loss.

Seasonal Honours
Player of the season: John Louis Sencial
Top Scorer: Elio Vocale, League: 30, Cup: 36
Best Outfield Player, League: Rajko Arsenijević, Avg. Rating: 78.9
Best Team Performance, League: 75.5 away vs. Hjerting IF

First Team Players in:
Rafael Ovidiu, 28
World Class Offensive Mid/Wing, occasional Striker, given shirt #9

First Team Players Out:
George Lungulescu, 28
Decent Winger, wanted to play at a lower level after 3 seasons here, shirt #19

Apolo Delfino, 28
Central Defender, was not happy being played out of position, shirt #5

Current squad (May 2016)

#1: John Louis "Sensual" Sencial, 32
Classy Keeper, some say past his prime. We say: best season ever. 73 NT Matches.

#2: Max Heide, 26
DM, Utility, played as LB/RB. Is ok with that - for now. 10 NT Matches.

#3: Albert Uhrin, 27
CD, Stopper. 17 NT Matches

#4: Henrik Kormány, 32
Ball-playing CD. Has hero status among fans, Club Captain when Calle is not playing. Losing speed lately. May be moved to DM.

#5: Spot available since Delfino left. We are scouting the market for a left back.

#6: Eustachy Borko, 25
DM/Anchor Man. Is not allowed to shoot from distance. Ever.

#7: Rajko Arsenijević, 27
CM - Playmaker. Has been used as winger since Lungu left. Is enjoying massive success, but prefers the #7 spot. 12 NT Matches.

#8: Bastián García de los Salmones, 28
CM/DM - Box-to-box Midfielder. Possibly our most important player - hope we can keep him. Fans call him "Laksen" ("The Salmon")

#9: Rafael Ovidiu, 28
AM - Trequartista/False 9. Similar to Rajko, but with a lot better finishing. Would prefer to be #10, but is played as a 7.

#10: Calle Berglund, 54
Club Legend, striker, captain. Retired after 500 matches and 790 goals for the club, but returned to play in the game that won us the championship. His experience is an invaluable asset and we are happy that he has recently signed a lifetime contract. 82 NT Matches.

#11: Elio Vocale, 30
Striker - Poacher. Danish top tier league top scorer and cup top scorer on several occasions. In our tactic 'one man army' this is the guy we're talking about. We wish he could be forever young.

#14: Firmino Zogno, 27
CD, 3rd choice. Should be on the bench, but is currently covering the left back. Happy to play, not happy to play left back. Is looking to capture Kormány's spot in central defense.

#16 Jessada Intharapradit, 24
CM, utility, benchwarmer, spends most of his time hoping someone gets injured. 37 NT Matches

#21: Dušan Blanda, 23
Decent young striker, covering for Vocale. Not the long term replacement, and he knows that. May leave.

#23: Platon Gkagkas, 25
Decent fast winger. Needs to work harder on his technique or leave. 14 NT Matches.

The rest of the squad will most likely never see first team football.

We are actively searching for a left back, a long term replacement for Vocale, Kormany and Sensual - and in general: depth, youth and talent. Also, fans are complaining about the lack of danish players who actually make it to the first team.

Goal for next season: semifinal/medals in cup, title challenge/medals in league - and the above mentioned transfers in.


Update, May 2016:

2016-05-09 08:56


2015-09-27 19:41

Calle: 500 - og slut!

2013-12-16 13:36


2013-04-15 08:34

Bye Bye Bredde

2013-01-21 10:38

Syv gange to

2012-08-28 09:00

Calle: 400

2012-02-08 09:23


2011-06-29 13:50

Manager indrømmer: "Der er krise"

2011-05-10 07:50

Cupvinder sæson 18: FC BUUR!

2010-06-03 11:28


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