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FC Edmonton [4343]

Owner: silva

Joined: 2017-09-18 Language: English

Last matches:
Qualifying Match FC Edmonton -:- star purple

Junior Canadian Premier League FC Edmonton 0:5 Subaru FC

Avenir de Lest

FC Edmonton

2018-11-05 14:32


FC Edmonton was founded in the city of Beauharnois Canada, marked by the history suffered and the fanatic fans decided to reopen the doors, but this time with planning and good investments to avoid that the club closes the doors again and ends up disappointing again its fans.


Concentration Club

Here is where the players concentrate before the games, here we have complete structure, with leisure area, soccer fields, games room ...


training and muscle strengthening of the entire team including junior high school

Training Center

we have four soccer fields, the gym, cafeteria, club ward.


It is currently with 18 thousand seats, and that planning and arriving in 60 thousand places



FC Edmonton

2018-11-05 14:32

Visitors to FC Edmonton

2017-09-28 19:49


Thank you! Greetings from Spain

Terrion 2019-04-06

greeting from venezuela

RACK 2019-03-16

Beautiful logo

Fehu 2018-11-05

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