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Mcoi [3907]

Owner: mr_gibbage

Joined: 2004-10-07 Language: English

Leagues: Premiership

Country: England Region: Suffolk

Stadium: Mcoi Arena

Last matches:
Friendly Mcoi -:- Jihad Legia

Grated Cheese and Stuff Aguilas son Campeones 0:5 Mcoi

The daily Oi


2014-03-14 14:09

Premiership 11 times: 2015 x1, 2013 x1, 2011 x1, 2010 x1, 2009 x1, 2007 x3, 2006 x2, 2005 x1

(Also: 2nd x6, 3rd x8)

FA Cup 8 Times: 2017 x1, 2016 x2, 2008 x1, 2007 x3, 2006 x1

World Cup I Bronze Medal Winner

First ever Premiership Winner
Premiership team since 2nd May 2005 and counting (SK record)
England NT Manager: 3 seasons
USA NT Manager: 2 Seasons
New Zealand Manager: 1 Season



2014-03-14 14:09


2013-01-14 22:59

mr_gibbage begins Polish Campaign

2012-12-31 12:38

Club in turmoil

2012-12-23 21:36


2012-11-11 20:08

Boring Logos

2012-02-08 12:34

23rd Season

2012-02-03 21:36

Impressive start to the season

2011-11-14 22:56

"Mcoi lack ambition"

2011-09-12 17:21

Corey Bridge Retires

2011-07-25 14:26


Not too many of us oldies left anymore. It's a pity, although I'm also using more and more my left hand while playing this game nowadays.

theKarsten 2018-03-13

Yup, he actually didn't have any loggings until someone tried to hack most of the staff's accounts a couple of weeks ago.

theKarsten 2018-03-13

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Steven Jones has been placed on a transfer list
2018-03-08 16:37:27
Junior Steven Jones has signed a contract
2018-03-08 08:03:17
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2018-03-08 08:03:15
Junior Lee Ross has signed a contract
2018-02-22 07:43:12
Junior Kyle Mee has signed a contract
2018-02-08 07:21:27