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Scotland - road to glory and drama at WC18

2016-10-31 00:04

Scotland did amazing perfomance in the qualifications ending up on top of group G getting 4 points from
one of the best teams Italy

It was huge drama at the finals we were eliminated few minutes before the end with equal points and goal differenace with Hungary that took
advantage of not covered red card from Russian coach.

Game 1

My comments for the tree games at the finals.



What a game at the end we have to be glad from the score but overall luck was not with us again as in the last few games.
Its hard when your keeper get injured very beginning and stays at the pitch whole game. Probably he would save one of the 3 goals especially 3th one when on max speed for sure he would reach first the ball. I was surprised when McPhaden conceived first goal from so far distance but usually this is a sign that he will get injured and my prediction was right :( Thing get worst when our best defensive midfielder was injured and stayed on the field so switching to 3 mids was helpfull in this point of view. Opponent get one injury with same faith probably that helped us to came back in the game at the end but is sad when injuries decide the game flow.
We never gave up and turn overs form 1:0 1:2 3:2 3:3 was quite thrilled and bit risky for my heart.
With draw in the other game Tzech - Russia 1:1 group stays wide opened. Lets hope injuries will stop for us in the next game

Game 2



We had better luck today and our strikers had better ration but we had the worst scenario for the game :(
Fastest red card probably in sokker on our wing totally changed my plans for the game.
Despite that most of the time our team controlled the game early lead of our team was followed by 15-20m of total domination of Russia then i was hopped our boys will survived and they did after the goal game changed after.
My exp shows that red card in sokker some times helps to that team better if red card is covered.
Second goal came on time just before the break and second half we should be sorry cause at 4:1 we missed several chances.
4:2 at the end is good result.
With 4:0 win of Tzechs against Hungury all is our hands to qualify for the next stage.
Our opponent in last game already qualified but they had long bench and even if they keep few players they had most potential from the teams in our group so lets hope last game there will be no red cards and injuries!


Game 3



Another dramatic game where the result would not hurt so much if we needed just one more goal to qualify.
We definitely missed our world class wing Gordon Johnstone today and maybe is my mistake i used Rankin there he did some good runs but final passing wasn't good enough :( Despite that we leaded twice in the game and i hopped till the end we can do it. Unfortunately i did some mistakes in the sub despite Zico Turner was not in good form i should leave him on the pitch more. Sub was conditional if we draw or win so i guess i underestimated the situation. Same thing with Roddy MacHardy he was not in form but has skills and exp to do something at the end Kris Mclaws is our future but he did not created any chances. Tzezh has really strong defenders!
what i was surprised that our defs acted kinda weird allowing opponents strikers to pass 2 even 3 defs on by one. So i have to say we may deserved a draw but nothing more .
Maybe i should swap the tactics to play for win when it was 2:2 but now is too late to regret. I have to admit i was stunned by other result and despite i wake up early and had time to do changes i did not :(

What is next? I have to try to stop the falling and hope for good Euro 27 Championship. Difficult with short and not so strong u27 squad but we will do our best!


Greeting from Poland ;)

zyga22 2018-03-27

What a performance in WC, congratulations !!!

Joachim Löw 2018-01-21

Great Ceska Republika! Good luck!

Torquemada 2018-01-14

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