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Dev. Diary 45 - Final match setting

  • _james
  • 2021-02-26

Today, news with not many words, but full of, not only visualizations, but realistic (developed) screens. The matches will soon be available with really advanced settings. By clicking the following link you can see the options, which will be available while watching a match:

Most important changes:
- pre-match intro (summary of team forms, current table, team stars),
- match settings panel (options for match, camera, speed, replays),
- summary of match data and match facts/statistics,
- timeline with possibility to skip to the match event of choice.

2020-06-01 19:54
Studenție ...
Duminica a avut loc inceputul unui nou sezon. Un inceput de sezon cu un derby studentesc, Universitatea impotriva Sportului Studentesc, Un meci al elegantei, un meci al emotiilor, o partida care...
Party Time
2021-04-16 10:56
Gospodarul se intoarce! (C) Urecheanu. Mult timp in urma sir LowPing a facut istoria in Sokker Moldova, a crescut jucatori renumiti care au spart multe plase rivalilor: Re@l, Maonta, Ice-T, etc....
Dev. Diary 44 - Latest fixes

  • _james
  • 2021-02-19

Below you can find the list of minor and major fixes which have been done:
1. Light skin - white background changed for a little darker one, so it would be more pleasant to look at;
2. Font change - bigger font size was set as default, which made the forum and other elements more readable. In few places it breaks the layout (e.g. choosing the position of a player in match settings view), but it's the first thing to fix;
3. League tables - the colour scheme was changed (especially the contrast for the dark skin);
4. The colour of pops - pops of player skills are distinguished with light green colour in the dark skin (again, a matter of contrast);
5. Mobile - trimming of elements was fixed - it's possible to scroll left and right (e.g. tables);
6. Left menu - it was embedded permanently (it's no longer necessary to scroll down whole page content to see the clock, for example).

Dev. Diary 43: New navigation & 3D visualization!

  • _james
  • 2021-02-12

LET'S GO! As you can see, today we completed the first major deployment of new elements on Sokker. And there is a lot of them at once!

New design

Navigation & two skins:
1. There is new navigation and page layout. Side and top panels, which have been designed from the scratch, are the first new elements of the new Sokker layout. New design will be developed further (deploying new layout page by page);
2. Other elements (particular pages) have been adjusted color-wise, so it looks consistent everywhere. However it’s not the final layout yet, it’s only a temporary adjustment of old content of the site to the new navigation elements;
3. There are two skins for now – light and dark, you can change them in the settings;
4. In accordance to the announcements, we are working on a skin inspired by old Sokker classic.

Navigation changes

Few elements changed their place, which we’ll have to get used to. Below is a short list of those changes:
1. FINANCE tab – it’s now under the OFFICE;
2. PLAYERS tab – it’s under the CLUB page (direct link is currently named TEAM, which will better suit its new function). The club page will be available by clicking on logo or team name. All names and descriptions are deployed in English and will be translated to local languages shortly after;
3. There is change of place of few elements – the left panel will contain only those elements that are directly connected to our club (and NT) management (and the FORUM tab), whereas the top panel will contain „additional” tabs, like World, Country, Search, Rules or Settings;
4. Also notifications and mail will be displayed on the top, which have different icons now. Number of awaiting „items” will also be displayed there.

3D match visualization

At the same time we deploy new 3D match visualization. Ultimately 3D version will be available only for PLUS users. For now it stays open for everyone for the test phase. 2D version is not gone – it’ll be an alternative, available for everyone.

IMPORTANT: it’s a test version. It means that there may be (and surely will) some bugs – we kindly ask to report them in proper forums. We haven’t managed to fix some elements, e.g. displaying of spectators – therefore they won’t be visible yet.
Current visualization interface (visualization menu) is also temporary – currently we’re working on design of matches, which should be kept as live match broadcast, with full match intro, animations, etc.

In the end, some fixes, which were done as well:
1. Rule of 4 weeks is not in effect for transfers cancelled by admins;
2. The score board for 2D visualization is moved to top (since it was sometimes hidden because of resolution setting for some browsers);
3. Again there will be ball icon over the goalscorer!

Dev. Diary 42: Bugs fixes - status

  • _james
  • 2021-02-05

We are delighted to announce few pieces of positive information:
1. The decision was made, two skin options will be deployed at once - light and dark, so everyone could find something for themself;
2. Light skin project is ready, you can check it out here: (you need to press arrows to check all graphics);
3. Work on the new GUI is at a quite advanced stage now, the new menu and both skins will surely be deployed in February;
4. Soon, we'll start working on the retro skin - we need to make it clear with you, the users, what do you mean by "retro" - and on which skin should we base it. For that purpose, we'll make short survey in the coming days;
5. A fix for the match visualization, the player names are displayed now! Some users found it already - it was possible to enable this option with "Home" button on your keyboard. Unfortunately not everyone has that button so it was changed to "N" button. What is more, displaying names was defined for enabled by default;
6. There was one more fix for match visualization, which for many was really crucial during watching - player name is now displayed after hovering the mouse cursor over a player.

A short brief about fixes/enhancements we've been working on lately:
1. 3D matches - we're working on fixing some smaller bugs;
2. Automatically postponing transfer deadlines during serve problems - we're about to define technical conditions which must be fulfilled to make it, we have invented a "mechanism" checking whether server is working;
3. Fixing 4-week grace period for transfer after cancelling a transfer by admin - our backend developer started working on that task, but he has to find the best solution. The work is in progress but it's hard to predict if it can be finished this week;
4. 2D match viewer for iPhone users - The new test environment was bought to check different web browsers - the problem is being verified there. The thing is that HTML animation is too "heavy" on iOS and web browser doesn't run it. We're working on making it lighter so it could meet the limits.

Dev. Diary 41: Bug Fixes

  • _james
  • 2021-01-29

This week we bring a quick update on the bugs that we have recently fixed.

1. 2D matches HD quality (displaying a match in the full screen does not downgrade its quality).
2. Charts - we have both improved the senior’s talent charts and implemented junior player’s chart.
3. There were also some missing elements that were not originally transferred from Flash, such as the mood and the fan club charts or the account balance chart. New charts have been implemented there.

Simultaneously, we are working on:

1. 3D matches - we have another delay in implementing this option, but it looks like we are getting closer. We will probably release it without fans (currently this element generates the most errors), other elements of the player look good;
2. Automated transfer deadline delays in the event of a server crash (currently, we can only intervene manually which for various reasons does not allow us to react on time in most cases);
3. Fixing a bug with a transfer being cancelled by an admin - now, after cancelling a transfer by an admin, the rule of 4 weeks from purchasing a player applies again;
4. Availability of the 2D viewer for iPhone users (the problem has not been solved yet, but we are close to eliminate the causes, unfortunately it turned out to be quite complex and time-consuming).

The rest of the work is in progress, as reported in previous Dev. Diaries.

Dev. Diary 40: More interface pages

  • _james
  • 2021-01-22

As our programmers are working on the new interface and the Overview page, that will be introduced as the first one, we are developing few more pages with UX and graphics designers.

Please check out the new look of the following subpages:
Calendar (list view):

Calendar (monthly view):

Training, team overview:

Training, player history:

Training - weekly report:

New training system interface (10 slots to fill):

Trainers list:

We are open to all comments and ideas. Please remember that presented views are still a work in progress.

DD39: Next upcoming changes --> new layout, graphics and overview page!

  • Matsuyama
  • 2021-01-15

DD39: Next upcoming changes --> new layout, graphics and overview page!

Goodbye Flash, welcome new year! After Flash replacement we can now focus on our main goal - general Sokker update.
And here are the most important news - we decided to introduce changes one by one, starting from new interface. Instead of preparing one great Sokker update, you will be able to see changes much more faster, one after another. We believe that it is a much better solution, helping us to avoid too many technical issues, or new bugs.

From user perspective it seems as really good news. New interface will be introduced page after page, starting with already presented OVERVIEW.
Overview will be our starting page, each of us will find that page just after login, and it will work as our comanding center - with all major informations, linked to most crucial game elements.
Here you can find actual look:
Mobile vertical:
Mobile horizontal:

First new page will be introduced in two steps:
1. in next 2-3 weeks we hope to develop new menu system (left bar and top bar, as its presented on links above), and adjust current sokker motive to new colors & fonts.
2. after another few weeks, we will introduce overview with all options you can see on project.

It means, that even in current season we will enjoy new graphics and first new page made in 100% from the scratch. After that we will replace next subpages one by one, starting from most popular (as calendar, training, or finances). New pages are not only about new graphics - in many cases, you will find lots of new elements - as on overview page.

Overview, short summary of upcoming innovations:
1. Alert center - you will be informed, if any crucial action for your club is needed - as trainer appointment, squad selection, friendly setting).
2. easy access for last 3 games and upcoming one (with hidden results)
3. week summary, with all important information
4. pressroom - that will help us to inform all users about most important news (in the future it will also contain news about our own club, generated by the game)
5. Club summary (with one new feature - seasonal fans expectations)
6. Transfers shortlist - it's probably most advanced element, with a lot of new features - bidding in real time (no need to refresh site), list view with key information, bidding from list level, option to skip player if we are no longer interested, or even option to roll out players skills.

We are really excited about upcoming changes, and we strongly believe that even this first page of our development will bring quite lots of new functionalities and features.

Dev Diary 38: Last changes - Summary

  • _james
  • 2021-01-08

As most of you know, we made a number of changes last week. It was not only the replacement of key Flash elements (such as the implementation of a new tactic editor and 2D match visualization), but also significant update of the Sokker code. Thanks to these changes it will be possible to significantly accelerate the game's development.
Of course, we did not avoid errors, but we tried to respond to the most important ones on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, we managed to escape major failures, which should be considered a moderate success given the scale of these changes.
The changes also moved us to a new server - much newer and more efficient than the previous one.
We are at the very end of the first stage of our Sokker development project: eliminating all Flash elements and preparing the game for further development.

Until this stage is closed, we have to:
1. Convert the match report graphic to HTML;
2. Change the tactic view in the match settings to HTML;
3. Convert junior charts to HTML;
4. Introduce the 3D match visualization.

Elimination of remaining bugs that are still to be repaired:
1. Scheduling friendly leagues (priority);
2. Fixing bugs in the tactic editor (priority);
3. Correcting the charts (so that they correctly indicate trained and untrained weeks);
4. And any other less serious reports (remember that you can report bugs - preferably directly on the Bugs Forum).

We are aware of the forum comments related to the transition to the newer Sokker theme. We are very sorry, but we couldn't keep developing two themes any further. We have to focus on one now, because it will save us a lot of resources and time. It will significantly speed up the work on the planned change of the Sokker interface along with the new look (presented in previous Dev Diaries). However, it is important to mention that, as part of the introduction of the new interface, we are planning to prepare a few skins. Apart from the default ones based on new graphics, we are also planning a retro skin in order not to forget about the rich and long history of our game.
Although there are still a few tasks to be worked out, along with the above-mentioned works, proper programming works on subsequent changes have already started. The order of implementation of individual elements that we announced in Dev. Diaries last year will be announced in a week. The important information is, however, that you will not have to wait for those updates as long as for Flash elimination - we hope that you will see some changes in the current season.
Keep your fingers crossed, we strongly believe that 2021 will be a turning point for the future of Sokker!

Dev Diary 37: Final Flash replacement

  • _james
  • 2020-12-31

Today we are introducing Flash replacement. It is possible that you will encounter temporary issues with game access today and tomorrow, but have hope to avoid such serious complications. It's also possible that new game bugs will occur – together with flash replacement, we are also introducing huge game code actualization that will be the foundation for future game development. There will be no new options this time, but the game code was rewritten in many places – so possible bugs can be connected to different parts of the game, not only to Flash replacements.

What will change today?
• 2D Match viewer (retro version) – existing 2D viewer rewritten to HTML technology (from Flash). What is important, this viewer should also work with mobile devices;
• Tactic editor (basic version, without copy/paste button – we will add this function soon);
• Player faces (with current faces design, not the new one);
• Default left side menu – we are changing menu location to left side navigation. It’s coherent with the upcoming new layout, and we believe it’s a good time for current users to start using left menu, to make the switch to new layout smoother when it finally gets introduced.

Question mark about charts replacement – we still have some technical issues, it's possible to introduce them a bit later.
At the same time, there is an important information – Flash blockade for browsers is planned globally for January 12th, not today. So in case of any problems – we still have a few days for additional work.
About the new 3D viewer – it's almost ready, but there are still some elements that need to be improved. We decided to introduce it a bit later, we hope, in 2-3 weeks’ time.

Election time is here!

  • _james
  • 2020-12-21

It is election time again! You have the opportunity to stand for election as a potential national team coach (Senior or U21) of any nation, and also vote for a potential Senior and U21 coach of your nation.

To access the election page, go to the homepage of the country in question, then click on National Team (Senior or U21), and then click on the link to the Election page.

If you stand for election, it is recommended that you open ONE thread in the appropriate country's forum after the elections start. Please prefix your thread with [NT] or [U21] (e.g. [NT] Raul or [U21] Mekene). Please do NOT spam forums, send SK-mail directly to people for votes, or spam users Guest Books. Any of those activities will result in forum banning and/or financial fine.

Please remember that a user who has been elected as an NT manager will not be able to resign from the job. It is not only for fun, it is also your responsibility to serve the full term which the people that voted you into the job thought you will serve.

Elections have started on the 21st of December and end on the 3rd of January, so start preparing your speeches, questions for candidates, and voting.