14. National team rules
Every country in SK has its own National Team, once they have been in the game for a full season. Each country can only have players of it's own nationality called up, and they are called up by the individual chosen to be the manager of that particular nation. It is possible for everyone to see the international matches, whether you have plus or not.

Election of the coach

Anyone can apply for any NT job, no matter what country they are from. NT coaches are elected democratically at the end of each season. The NT coach will not be able to see the skills of the player. The only exception to this is if the NT manager owns some of the players, or the players are on the transfer list.


There is a limit to 40 players on a National Team.
National Team members cannot be sacked.
National Team players are also protected, if the team that owns them turns into a "bot". As long as they are a current member of the national team and they have played at least once for the national team, they will be transfer listed when the "Bot" team is replaced.



Friendly matches take place every week, unless a World Cup match is being played. It is up to the NT coaches to arrange friendlies - just like friendlies between normal SK users. The NT manager may call up any players of the nationality of the NT that is managed, and use them in any way which is possible.

World Cup Qualifications

All teams take part here. The teams are split into different pots according to their NT ranking. Teams from 1-7 go to pot A, teams 8-14 to pot B and so on. Teams from Pot A will be drawn to each group as the first team, from B as the second, etc.

Qualification Matches are not every week, so friendlies may still be played.

World Cup

Only the 32 best teams qualify for the finals, according to:
1. Final standing in the qualification group
2. Points in the qualification group
3. Goals scored
4. Goals conceded
5. The number of victories
6. Ranking points at the time of the draw.

In the finals all teams will be drawn into 8 groups of 4 teams, according to the results in the qualifications - the 8 teams that finished the highest will go into the first drawing pot, next 8 to the second, next 8 to the third and the last 8 to the fourth.