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cisco spurs [4366]

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Stadium up grade 40,000 seats

2019-12-05 23:26

The completion of our stadium is complete and now we have a Stadium that can seat 40,000 supporters we have met halve our objective that we made at the start of the season. Injuries are hampering are position in the A League. We are coping with a limited number of players and Injuries do not help us. We have no funds available to bring in additional players to the club this season. however we are not at the bottom of the league, at this stage we are hoping that we can get to the playoffs and win to stay up in the A League next season so that we can complete are objectives for this season. News flash board had an early meeting today and it was decided that we need to increase our players list to rest some of the older players and to start training them for the next season 8 new players where bought today all aged 17 and all have something to offer the club


Greetings from Poland and good luck.

Damian69 2020-05-23

good luck this season .

stoner 2020-02-02

Good luck.

stoner 2019-10-31

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