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Schadenfreude [11247]

Owner: Houdini

Joined: 2011-08-22 Language: English

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Schadenfreude 1:0 Enterprise Spezia

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TRUTH why I LOSE Please read if it concerns you thanks

2021-03-31 16:35

Same as every year i will lose the last 2 games to avoid automatic promotion to the premiership as i dont want to play in it yet as im not well in real life with skin cancer and no disks in my entire spine causing paralysis to both my arms and legs. So as i cant pay proper attention to anything and go missing for weeks or months on end often stuck in bed (i pre do my entire season and hope for little or no injuries) i feel it only fair for a team that does want to go up and give it a crack right and proper. i have in about 5 seasons held chats with the team from the premiership telling them i wont be fielding a decent squad etc so they are at ease. i will one day if feeling fighting fit give it a crack myeself. im due my 7th back operation on my spine and my 5th on my neck any day soon as covid stopped me having 4 operations to date.ill never be fit again but hopefully fit enough to do my team weekly and play to win. im very happy just coasting along as i love the game and have played many years. Loving the update, please change keepers incorrect kits but apart from that its brilliant. Cheers to anyone that reads this and good luck.


Good luck with your operations mate!

JensenElla 2021-04-02

Greets from Cracov!

uksprzyszlosc 2020-04-12

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