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Paranoidalne planetoidy [95462]

Owner: Beduin - online

Joined: 2019-09-24 Language: Polski

Last matches:
Paranoidalne planetoidy -:- Novaki Noviak

Paranoidalne planetoidy 3:1 Młodzi Zgryźliwi Tetrycy

Exotic Trainer

Exotic Trainer

2021-01-01 15:12

Hello, what I have set as a goal for myself is training youngsters from countries which are having a smaller number of active players, therefore fewer talented players overall. I would like to help each of the smaller national teams. Every week I plan on reporting the progress and also informing about the actual training to the managers that are interested. If someone is keen on starting a partnership i encourage you to contact me,as well as send me info about the players, which I could possibly help. Best wishes ^^

Actually Training: PM



Exotic Trainer

2021-01-01 15:12


Saludos desde Argentina

lulidethista 2021-12-01

wypisales sie z LM?

astaa 2021-08-31

Zagłosowane, powodzonka!

Misha 2021-08-15

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