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Poseidon Team [127187]

Owner: Paranoia

Joined: 2020-04-01 Language: English

Coach: Misr

Last matches:
ufhcsTC -:- Poseidon Team

Poseidon Team 0:9 La PoP MAChiNE

The Poseidon's Team

After so many times we are here

2020-08-03 19:47

We are here again to gain so fun like old times and see news about game that made us so happy. But for now, especially for our team it's new starting and reaching to top side will be taken time.

We are playing in Süper Amatör Lig.49 league and seeing not so good team in this league, we think we can be promoted easily to next league. Firstly we want to make good transfers who are they not so older, prefer young guys. We are training,training and training….


Best of luck for a strong finish to end the season! :)

devtopia 2021-04-03

It's great to see club articles like that:) Good luck!

Raul 2021-03-04

Plusunuz hayırlı olsun. Tebrik ederim

_ÖzGüR_ 2021-02-22

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2021-04-10 13:07:39
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2021-04-07 11:38:25
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2021-04-07 10:53:18
Fèi Xuhui has been bought
2021-04-06 20:18:09
Aleksander Malkhazyan has been bought
2021-04-06 20:12:08