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PrimEvil [137729]

Owner: knighty101 - online

Joined: 2020-08-18 Language: English

Country: England Region: Kent

Last matches:
FA Cup PrimEvil -:- Ballymoney Rovers

Division III.07 Great Athletic 0:12 PrimEvil

PE Rag

2cup win against the 10th highest ranked English team!

2020-09-18 16:17

A nail-biting match saw extra time called, and PrimEvil stole the win with a thundering shot past the keeper, PrimEvil CEO just laughed, more out of shock than anything!

Keep the cup run going boys he said while laughing muttering money money money!!!



Blitzker 2020-08-25

New Club New Goals Top of the League!

knighty101 2020-08-21

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