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Forest Resurrecteds [137632]

Owner: Forestman

Joined: 2021-01-03 Language: English

Last matches:
Brighton FC -:- Forest Resurrecteds

Polska Walcząca 5:0 Forest Resurrecteds

The Chronic

Forest Resurrecteds

2021-01-17 22:13

"Hello old friends", commented forestman as he returned to the Sokker spotlight taking over as coach, manager and chairman of Forest Resurrecteds.

Rumours has it that Forest Resurrecteds previously used to be known as Forest Reserves, who then were stolen in 2018 and renamed Fifth Column. When challenged whether forestman left the club unlocked by forgetting to log in for much of 2017 he replied "no comment".

Unfortunately due to the complex way that Sokker works, it was impossible for Forestman to return to that club, so he has set up a new club, and in a daring raid in the middle of the night forestman stole all of the historical silverware that was won during that time....

"I have a 5 year plan" commented forestman, sounding slightly like the chinese government. "Firstly we will stablise the club during 2021, then we will aim to become a yo-yo club bouncing between III and II during 2022 and 2023 and then we will aim to be a solid II club by 2024. 2025 we will then go all out on making the 3rd round of the cup."

"We also plan to thrash Rock Bottom in the cup during this 5 year period. Twice."


Forest Resurrecteds

2021-01-17 22:13


The Legend!:) good to see experienced managers once again.

Raul 2021-02-19

Looking forward to your beating everyone except me. So long as you don't imitate NFFC I am sure you will go from success to success

somerset1386 2021-01-30

Hey! How's everything going! Glad to see you are back.

vondocha 2021-01-27

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