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Forest Resurrecteds [137632]

Owner: Forestman

Joined: 2021-01-03 Language: English

Last matches:
Shakespeare -:- Forest Resurrecteds

Forest Resurrecteds 5:1 The Stiffs

The Chronic

League Winners!

2021-07-25 22:28

"We have won the league! Say, We have won the league" chanted Forestman as he chugged from a magnum of Asda Prosecco.

"After a solid 2nd in the league for our first season, the lads have played brilliantly all season, and the 3-2 win away at Wet Ham today sealed the league with a 14 wins out of 14, and goal difference of over 100!", Forestman beamed.

When asked whether he expected that the team has done enough for auto promotion, Forestman looked slightly downcast. "Not quite", he mumbled. "Lets just hope we get a good the variety of teams you can play against in playoffs is huge."

Rumours has it that Forest Resurrecteds will be trying their best to get to II, even if this leads to a very very very very tough season....


League Winners!

2021-07-25 22:28

A decent start

2021-04-14 20:47

Forest Resurrecteds

2021-01-17 22:13


The Legend!:) good to see experienced managers once again.

Raul 2021-02-19

Looking forward to your beating everyone except me. So long as you don't imitate NFFC I am sure you will go from success to success

somerset1386 2021-01-30

Hey! How's everything going! Glad to see you are back.

vondocha 2021-01-27

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