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Thamesmead Town FC [3932]

Owner: wdp74 - online

Joined: 2007-02-06 Language: English

Leagues: Premiership

Country: England Region: Kent

Last matches:
Thamesmead Town FC -:- AFC Bramford Lane

Northern Thistle 1:12 Thamesmead Town FC


2022-02-21 17:38

Champions for a 2nd time, what an achievement. Many years after our first title win and taking a sabbatical from the game we finally secured a 2nd title with a resounding 5-1 win against Herbs. What a brilliant season! :)



2022-02-21 17:38

Happy New Year All!!!!

2021-01-01 02:20

...and Goodbye Anthony Miller

2020-11-25 10:52

Welcome Anthony Miller

2020-11-23 12:33

Manager Under Pressure

2020-10-26 12:22


2020-04-30 13:07

13 Years!!!!!

2020-02-17 17:19

New Team Name

2013-11-24 20:41

Legal department Busy

2012-02-10 16:20

In Need of a Rest

2011-07-01 22:07


I hobbled myself a bit selling my prem quality striker and only getting a new defender in his place. But it's a long term thing. I think I've geared my team up well for the changes, but it's all such an unknown.

aluminium 2022-06-14

Drew a handful of games I should have won inc Anfield twice, wouldn't have had one tu...

aluminium 2022-06-13

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Junior Enzo Francis has signed a contract
2022-06-16 07:47:05
Norberto Arias has been bought
2022-06-02 22:54:18
Feliciano Gago has been bought
2022-05-31 19:40:10
Delfino Levi has been sold
2022-05-26 21:14:03
Delfino Levi has been placed on a transfer list
2022-05-24 21:12:06