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Polarne Mede [9900]

Owner: neuro - online

Joined: 2005-09-13 Language: English

Last matches:
Prva Liga Polarne Mede -:- Pet prijatelja

Arcade Monteria F.C. 55:0 Polarne Mede

Брунд Брунд

Chapter 2 - Boško Rakojević - the Immortal

2020-11-20 22:17

It was a just a normal day at Medodrom, players training, coaches yelling at them and the Boss enjoying Courvoisier while being entertained by one female fan.
And then they saw him. Guys stopped training, coaches were mute and even the female fan stopped rhythmical movement of her head that gave so much pleasure to the Boss. Usually the Boss is not too happy when someone stops "entertaining" him, but when he saw Boško's face he just zipped his pants, filled one more glass with cognac and offered it to Boško.
Boško Rakojević, biggest legend of Polarne Mede club, half Inuit, half Serb, half polar bear. It has been a few years since he disappeared in Amazonian rain-forest only to come back to Europe last week riding a gigantic capybara. It is rumoured that he returned to help Peki battle his cocaine addiction.
So far, it seems to be working as Peki went from tragic to good form in 2 weeks. Stay clean Peki, say no to drugs, say yes to training and scoring goals. Choose life.


Chapter 2 - Boško Rakojević - the Immortal

2020-11-20 22:17


Chapter 1 - RESTART. New squad, old goals.

2020-11-09 13:44


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sjajno xD

Miljan 2020-11-29

Najbolji grb! XD

majti_orion 2020-11-25

grb po tvojoj meri :))

FludonJa 2020-11-25

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