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SC Froosim [4913]

Owner: kasimsietsma

Joined: 2004-09-23 Language: English

Last matches:
Twukkers -:- SC Froosim

SC Froosim 6:1 Geuzenboys

Gazetta della Froosim

Club Achievements

2012-06-13 13:10


- 3rd place in Dutch eternal medal overview
- First non-polish team that reached the 40, 50 and 60 points average mark!
- Former Dutch NT assistent-coach and MID-scout

Awards: (38 active seasons)
* 34 league awards (27x Senior - 7x Junior)
* 8 cup awards
* 1 Champions Cup participation

- 2x National Champion!

- 4x Dutch Cup winner!

- 7x Runner-up Eredivisie

- 2x Finalist in Dutch Cup

- 3x 3rd place Eredivisie

- 2x Semi-finalist in Dutch Cup

- 11x Champion in other league
Senior: 4x Eerste Divisie, 3x Topklasse;
Junior: 1x Eredivisie, 1x Eerste Divisie, 2x Topklasse

- 4x Runner-up in other league
Senior: 3x Topklasse
Junior: 1x Topklasse

- 6x 3rd place in other league
Senior: 4x Eerste Divisie, 1x Topklasse
Junior: 1x Eerste Divisie

- 1x 3rd round in Champions Cup
- 15x Promoted (6x Seniors, 9x Juniors)

Proud to be the longest playing SK-user in The Netherlands and amongst the top-5 longest playing SK-users outside Poland!

Honorary players
- Kasim Sietsma
My real-life name, 4 caps!
- Vincent Sietsma
Vincent is my real-life second name, pulled from own youth-squad!
- Dagobert Duck
Dutch name for uncle scrooge (Donald Duck's uncle)
- Olaf Prent
Least talented player ever recorded in old-youth system, with a talent of at least 23. Ofcourse in the SC Froosim youth!
- Malev Põlluäär
Once the most feared winger in SK, trained by SC Froosim!



Club Achievements

2012-06-13 13:10

Relegation ahead

2011-06-10 17:58

All players for sale!

2010-07-04 13:44

Froosim News

2009-09-06 12:52

Friendlies season 13

2008-11-27 14:13

SC Froosim back to the top

2008-05-11 18:29

Seizoen 12

2008-02-26 23:44

Press Announcement

2007-11-05 21:17


2007-07-10 21:37


2007-05-20 14:47


Bedankt! Veel succes gewenst in de komende wedstrijden, moet lukken met die sterke aanvallers.

Poey 2020-06-01

Toch nog gelukt. Gefeliciteerd!

hajot 2020-05-10

Bedankt! Super blij mee, 1e keer ere voor mij. Succes met de p/d

hajot 2020-05-03

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