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België Association

Members: 7

Association team: België

Association type: Close

  • You can`t join associations


Send your players to our NT Database with the following steps:

1 - install SkUnk
2 - make sure, after installation, your setting ''flag-extention'' is checked! You can adjust this within the add-on settings.

In the player`s page, a flag will appear under the player skills. Just click on it and you will be redirected to the NT Database.

See the ranking of best players: HERE.

Note: even if you can`t use FireFox Browser, you can add/update your player manually by clicking HERE.


Fixtures from 1 may till end of juli 2021


2021-04-23 12:51

Week 02: QWC - Srbia
Week 03: QWC - U.A.E.
Week 04: FRIENDLY Spain
Week 05: QWC - Israel
Week 06: QWC - South Africa
Week 07: QWC - Scotland
Week 08: FRIENDLY ???
Week 09: QWC - Scotland
Week 10: QWC - South Africa
Week 11: QWC - Israel
Week 12: FRIENDLY Hrvatska U27
Week 13: QWC - U.A.E.
Week 14: QWC - Srbia
Week 15: FRIENDLY Slovensko U27
Week 00: FRIENDLY Hellas U26
Week 01: FRIENDLY ???