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Subject: [FireSokker] Official FireSokker Thread

2008-07-23 23:59:26
meraner [del] to All
Hello everybody!

Now that I have been encouraged to do so I'd like to make this the official thread for the Firefox extension I have written - FireSokker.
I'd like this thread to be used to discuss the next features that should be implemented, to ask questions you have about FireSokker and just about everything else that is related somehow to this extension.

Now what exactly is FireSokker...

As previously said FireSokker is a Firefox extension that I wrote as an extension to the website. It is fully compliant to the site's new design and provides lots of visual enhancements and new features for the site.
FireSokker can be downloaded from

The current FireSokker version is 0.2beta and contains these features:
* Login Form on the Start Page
* Mail Notification
* Configuration
* Player Sorting
* Economical Summary
* Match Details
* Team links
* Junior data
* Colored Tablerows
* Formation Display
* Full stadium income calculation
* NTDB support

FireSokker right now offers support for 21 languages. These are:
* Brazilian Portuguese (Português BR, contributed by dark.)
* Bulgarian (contributed by mario.t)
* Catalan (Català, contributed by Arnau)
* Croatian (Hrvatski, contributed by Sapy)
* Czech (Ceština, contributed by Nikolajbobov)
* Dutch (Nederlands, contributed by Fierce Fiend)
* English (English)
* Estonian (Eesti, contributed by omanik)
* Finnish (Suomi, contributed by keduloaf)
* French (Français, contributed by _ne0_)
* German (Deutsch)
* Greek (contributed by Richangelo)
* Hungarian (Magyar, contributed by mizrolist)
* Italian (Italiano)
* Macedonian (contributed by bobomk)
* Polish (Polski, contributed by Saczers & Lucky_Luke)
* Romanian (Românã , contributed by accidutzzu)
* Slovak (Slovencina, contributed by
* Spanish (Español, contributed by hatrix)
* Swedish (Svenska, contributed by Pampas)
* Turkish (Türkçe, contributed by dtranquillity)

If you want to add your language to FireSokker just write me an SK-mail with your e-mail address and I'll send you the instructions.

In the meantime enjoy it as it is!
Regards, meraner
2008-07-24 00:52:08
Thank you. It´s a great extension.
2008-07-24 01:10:47
sounds good so im going to try it out!
just need to restart firefox so tomorrow when iv done it n checked out the app il check back :D

EDIT: yeah its not bad.
the player organisation isnt the best though. widh i could sort them into, goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, striker in taht order, but i guess the game doesnt pick an exact positino for each player...
2008-07-24 03:51:09
thank you :)
2008-07-24 14:22:29
Brilliant! Thanks meraner. Grazie mille!
2008-07-24 20:23:25
Not bad doesn't sound too good to me :)
That player sorting was never meant to help you find out who your best midfielders, strikers etc. are - it just gives you the possibility to sort your players by whatever you want (and can) and not just by your players' surname.

I guess you already found out yourself who your best midfielders, strikers, defenders etc. are and if not you can always use manager assistants like Sokker Organizer or Apollo for that.

FireSokker was never meant to be a manager assistant and it will never be... It is what it is... a browser-plugin that (hopefully) facilitates your daily usage :)

2008-07-25 01:26:53
i didnt mean it in that way i meant i wish i could catagorise my players so all the goalkeepers appear first in the list and all defenders second, mids third and strikers last.

the only way i can do this otherwise is to buy players depending on positino in certain letter sequences.
all my goalies surnames begin with a-d
defenders e-k
mids l-r
strikers s-z

2008-07-25 01:32:41
oh... ok, now I got it :)

So you would like to define the position (keeper, defender, midfielder, striker) for every player and then sort by that value... is this correct?

Sounds interesting...
2008-07-25 01:42:54
Brillant, thanks a lot!
2008-07-25 09:23:27
define the position (keeper, defender, midfielder, striker) for every player and then sort by that value...

Sounds interesting ! :)
2008-07-25 15:43:07
Do you want to make it in bulgarian?I can translate it if you like :)
2008-07-27 01:30:46
Hello again!

I'd need some help for a new feature...
I need to know all the currencies that are used on and the exchange rates...
Is there a table somewhere, so I don't have to figure those rates out for myself?

Thanks in advance!
2008-07-27 07:54:44
use the [ money=country_id][/money] feature
2008-07-27 09:59:43
or use SW
2008-07-27 14:49:38

Got it using the xml files... :)
2008-07-27 18:29:37
does it work for firefox 3?
I installed it and can't find anything different