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A.A.A.J [40953]

Owner: La Paternal - online

Joined: 2020-02-27 Language: English

Coach: Argentina

Last matches:
Liga B.01 A.A.A.J -:- Aguapey

Friendly Anonymous FC 2:0 A.A.A.J

Results as NT manager!

2022-08-20 23:11

Senior Argentina:

My achievements as NT coach (with Argentina)
First in the group stage of the World Cup!

Gold in Copa America XVII Edition (See here 39355978)

Team finished Group K in position 1.

Team qualified to World Cup - Group D.

Top 10 in the rank after a lot of years being with 2300-2500 ranking points, when i take the team we were top 24 with 2395 ranking points!

World Cup MATCHES!!
Česká republika 1-0! (See here 39614001)
Magyarország 1-1! (See here 39614003)
Venezuela 6-0! (See here 39614006)


26 Wins :
Bosna i Hercegovina 2-1!
Azərbaycan 6-0!
Sverige 4-0!
Perú 4-1!
Canada 2-1!
Turkiye 5-1!
Brasil 4-1!
Bosna i Hercegovina 3-0!
Paraguay 5-2!
Uruguay 7-3! SF Cup America
Mexico 6-2! Final Cup America
We won the Cup America tournament!

Uruguay 4-2! WC Qualifiers
Nicaragua 4-2! WC Qualifiers
Shqipeira 1-0! WC Qualifiers
as-Saʻūdiyya 8-0! WC Qualifiers
New Zeland 2-0! WC Qualifiers
Eesti 1-0!
New Zeland 6-1! WC Qualifiers
as-Saʻūdiyya 9-0! WC Qualifiers
Shqipeira 3-0! WC Qualifiers
Nicaragua 5-0! WC Qualifiers
Cuba 2-0!
Česká republika 3-2!
Turkiye 1-0!

2 Draws:

Venezuela 1-1!

3 Defeats:

Nederlands 6-0!
Uruguay 4-0! WC Qualifiers
Srbija 2-0!

Come on ARGENTINA!!!


Results as NT manager!

2022-08-20 23:11

El semillero del mundo

2021-04-08 19:01


Saludos desde Noruega ;)

Lorre 2022-11-01

Resell in new season and watch my words

adaca 2022-08-31

500k bargain on the 31 yo def

adaca 2022-08-31

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