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D.K.F.C. [18544]

Owner: -kokkie-

Joined: 2006-02-14 Language: English

Leagues: Eredivisie

Country: Nederland Region: Noord-Brabant

Last matches:
Aruba Falcons -:- D.K.F.C.

FC Nimma 0:29 D.K.F.C.

FU Messages

Ready for the next step

2020-08-08 11:22

This season it looks like we will be champions and have direct promotion! 3 more matches to play against bot-teams or recently started teams. It seems unlikely we would lose some points there.

We are looking forward to have a little bit more of a challenge next season as this league, only the Weasels could be able to stop us.

Also our dutch stars are improving fast! Multiple players are part of the national team (either NT or U21) and plan to stay there for a while. Main focus will always be training.

Finally, we are looking forward to all changes planned for sokker! Time for some extreme changes there!


Ready for the next step

2020-08-08 11:22

First place?

2017-10-08 19:52

The End??

2014-08-10 17:19


2012-12-23 21:16


2012-02-12 12:37

Smile!! ^^

2010-05-05 17:53

FU stopt ermee

2010-02-21 19:12

Selectie versterkt

2009-10-14 14:17

De eerste weken

2009-09-28 11:58

Promotie naar Eerste Divisie.01

2009-08-20 14:02


Greetings from Poland ;)

zyga22 2018-04-04

Je bent bezig met een knappe serie in de tweede seizoenshelft!

Pandula 2017-07-24

Niemand overbood je, ik dus ook maar niet. Gefeliciteerd met deze topper.

la sombra 2015-05-26

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