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LV`s Real Madrid [20189]

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Sokker Manager for Android and BlackBerry 10

2013-11-24 00:06


aSokker Manager for Android and BlackBerry (QNX 2.0 and above or BB10 OS) is an application made to help Sokker managers. With this application you'll be able to brag to your friends about your super-talented players anywhere and anytime.

This application is for phones with Android 1.6 and up.
On BlackBerry this app is only for phones* with BB10 OS and BlackBerry Playbook (QNX 2.0 and above).

*At this moment following BlackBerry devices are supported:
• BlackBerry Q10
• BlackBerry Q5
• BlackBerry Z10 (all 3 devices)
• BlackBerry Z30
• PlayBook
• Porsche Design from BlackBerry

Screen shots:
[/url] [url=]

Among the features offered by this application:
• general info about the team (training, fans, finance, standing)
• list of all players with the most useful information
  (cards, injuries, form)
• full player details with visible results of training
  (changes in red and green)
• list of all juniors
• full coaches details
• recent finished and upcoming matches
• keep track of training (graphs for juniors and players)
• sort players and juniors
• training efficiency

aSokker database is auto backuped on SD card (external storage) - on aSokker folder. If this folder exists (with database in it) and you install the app (on a different device or a fresh install) the database will be restored from SD card. Also, when database is accidentally deleted, the database is restored when app is started.

Languages supported:
• Catalan
• Chinese (中文(简体) / 中文(繁體))
• Dutch
• English
• French
• German
• Greek
• Italian
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Romanian
• Spanish
• Turkish
• Vietnamese

Special thanks to:
Kemk [860316] (Catalan language)
linen [1028224] (Chinese (中文(简体) / 中文(繁體)))
Charles Hill [93217] (Dutch language)
PhiPhi [21208] (French language)
kreator [306582] (German language)
Richangelo [185954] (Greek language)
davornmar [742867] (Italian language)
chroniC [504987] (Polish language)
Phonix [1182622] (Portuguese language)
Matsuyama [35601] & teo [522316] (Spanish language)
AkunA [357328] (Turkish language)
Controller [410163] (Vietnamese language)

Your language is not supported yet? You can help.
Please translate the blue text found here

This application is for phones with Android 1.6 and up and for BlackBerry Playbook or devices with BB10 OS.

For Android you can download this app directly from Google Play
QR code: [url=][/url]

For BlackBerry Playbook or devices with BB10 OS you can download this app directly from BlackBerry AppWorld
QR code: [url=][/url]

Latest info can be found here

Cupa României:     [/url]     [url=comment.php?matchID=8886590]     [url=comment.php?matchID=7016237][/url]

Liga I:     [/url]     [url=league.php?leagueID=2969&action=archive&season=16&round=14]

Liga II:[/url][url=league.php?leagueID=2969&action=archive&season=6&round=14] [/url][url=league.php?leagueID=2969&action=archive&season=8&round=14] [/url][url=league.php?leagueID=2969&action=archive&season=11&round=14]

Liga II:[/url][url=league.php?leagueID=2969&action=archive&season=16&round=14] [/url] [url=league.php?leagueID=2969&action=archive&season=21&round=14] [/url][url=league.php?leagueID=2973&action=archive&season=14&round=14]

Liga III:     [/url]     [url=league.php?leagueID=2970&action=archive&season=5&round=14]     [/url]     [url=]

Liga IV:     [/url]     [url=league.php?leagueID=2975&action=archive&season=4&round=14]

Hai ROMÂNIA!     [/url]     [url=glowna.php?teamID=409]     [/url]  [url=]


[/url]     [url=federation.php?ID_federation=1940]     [url=federation.php?ID_federation=1217][/url]


L-ai deocheat ... :)))

Mihai 2013-06-08

Vad ca ai devenit un pic mai activ pe forum :) Hristos a Inviat :)

kreator [del] 2013-05-06

10x. Sarbatori fericite!

#1 2013-05-05

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