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Outbreakers [36233]

Owner: braveheart81

Joined: 2007-01-10 Language: Български

Last matches:
AC Milan 1899 -:- Outbreakers

Manchester United - 1878 1:1 Outbreakers

Bulgaria Cup winners for a second time

2011-05-04 23:08


Today Outbreakers became Bulgaria Cup winner for a second time in the club's history. It was a fantastic performance that resulted in a deserved 5-2 win against Boca (Bs). The team achieved its best ever rating in this game - 72.8.
All the players are extremely excited and looking forward for a double this season.


greeting from venezuela

RACK 2019-06-29

Greetings from Poland ;)

zyga22 2018-03-27

I think you will be the champions this time ...again.

Jose_Espitia_E 2017-09-17

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