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Lazio_1900 [36246]

Owner: sviktorov - online

Joined: 2009-02-26 Language: Български

Coach: Bulgaria

Last matches:
Albatroz F.C -:- Lazio_1900

GVV 0:0 Lazio_1900

NT Canada - Season 27

2014-04-06 15:38

This is going to be very interesting season. Canada qualified for the World Cup. Also the improvement in the ranking allowed Canadian team to play on the Copa America finals.
Here is recap of last season:
Total :16 games 12 wins 2 draws 2 lost games 62:18
Here is the schedule for the forthcoming season

week 02 - Panama U27
week 03 - Hrvatska U27
week 03 - Norge WC
week 05 - Österreich WC
week 06 - Scotland WC
week 07 - WC or Bulgaria U27
week 08 - WC or or Bolivia U28
week 09 - WC or Brazil U27
week 10 - WC or Kypros U28
week 11 - Copa America
week 12 - Copa America
week 13 - Copa America
week 14 - CA or Paraguay U27
week 15 - CA or Uruguay U28
week 00 - USA U28
week 01 - Danmark

National Database Canada
If you have any good Canadian player you could update him in our DB by using oSokker
or send his skills to me


I read your message now :) thanks mate

_ÖzGüR_ 2022-04-02

Svik, good luck with Ceska! I keep my fingers crossed for good results! :-)

Antoś 2022-01-03

Thanks Friend, I reciprocate with a strong hug and I wish you a 2022 full of joy for you and your loved ones

loop507 2021-12-31

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