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Cawthra North [4315]

Owner: devtopia - online

Joined: 2021-02-19 Language: English

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Friendly Wyspy Owcze 0:3 Cawthra North

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1st Voyageurs Cup Win

2022-10-29 18:55

Celebrating my first cup win!!!!

Never really thought I had a chance at a cup win when I played a long time ago with so many users in Canada (50+). It really was much more competitive before.

Took a gamble and sold my B squad for some experienced players and edged out a comeback win on penalties against metrotown (7 previous cup winners in a row or some great achievement like that.) I know you'll be stronger next season metrotown so looked at this as a small window that I could win a cup.

I got lucky with some opponent injuries and picked up some last minute transfers that helped me defensively.

It just took so long 2.5-3 years of playing before in 2008-2011 and now 1.5 years playing sokker to achieve some kind of milestone.

Anyways cheers to the Canadian community that is still here hopefully we grow in the seasons to come.




1st Voyageurs Cup Win

2022-10-29 18:55


2021-03-31 19:23


Happy New Year 2022 and especially health for you and your loved ones

Krzysztof 2022-01-02


SEMİH9753 2021-11-07

Greetings from Guatemala!!!

Crea123 [del] 2021-10-14

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Terry Proudfoot has been sold
2022-11-26 19:29:31
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2022-11-24 19:29:29
Junior Terry Proudfoot has signed a contract
2022-11-24 07:40:41
Stadium has been rebuilt
2022-11-23 19:46:54
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2022-11-20 05:42:03