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bootlickers [72504]

Owner: jcdyer

Joined: 2006-12-04 Language: English

Last matches:
A-League.03 bootlickers -:- Marauders FC

Junior A-League bootlickers 5:0 The Green Bellies

just arrived from the youth academy!

2023-01-29 07:26

Alphonso King, age: 19

club: bootlickers, country: USA
value : 104 000 $
wage: 1 375 $
very good [9] form
tragic [0] tactical discipline
height: 178 cm, weight: 77.2 kg, BMI: 24.37

adequate [6] stamina hopeless [1] keeper
unsatisfactory [2] pace good [7] defender
average [5] technique good [7] playmaker
very good [9] passing solid [8] striker


fake pic alert! Her shoulders aren't nearly as tan as the rest of the pic lol

Dagwood [del] 2011-03-03

you won!

GazParkinson [del] 2011-01-31

that's a bit more like it eh? Next time try to have a shot so my keeper gets a real mark hehe

GazParkinson [del] 2011-01-17

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Alphonso King has been sold
2023-02-01 06:48:05
Alphonso King has been placed on a transfer list
2023-01-30 06:47:38
Giovanni Moore has been sold
2023-01-28 12:00:58
Giovanni Moore has been placed on a transfer list
2023-01-26 06:22:48
Junior Alphonso King has signed a contract
2023-01-26 06:20:36