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Dev Diary 78: The (un)predictable grace of the supporters

  • struś
  • 2024-07-01

At the end of last season, we promised some adjustments to the fans' mood system.
I can confirm today that they have been made, and also describe in a little more detail how the current satisfaction level of your fan club is determined.

Take a look at the chart and the explanations below it:

• When modifying the algorithm, we wanted it to reflect real supporters’ behaviour as much as possible.

• Therefore, the current mood of the fans is influenced - to varying degrees - by three factors, which you can see in the Office tab.
--- Rating of the current season
--- Rating of the last season
--- Level of satisfaction with recent matches

• As can be seen in the chart:
--- 30% of the influence is the results of the current matches
--- 70% of the impact is due to the fulfilment of expectations - from the previous season and the current season combined

• In a natural and smooth way, the importance of the previous season gives way to the rating of the current season.

• What is supposed to precisely reflect the behaviour of supporters who are slowly forgetting past slip-ups and merits and are beginning to evaluate the ongoing season.

• At the same time, we have dispensed with the fixed bonus or penalty for previous season's achievements which, in some circumstances, prevented the highest or lowest levels of satisfaction even at the end of the season.

• When determining the level of expectations for the following season, the influence of finances has been modified - it is still an important factor but has been better balanced.

We will observe the effect of the change and do not exclude further adjustments.

Old Manager Returns
The Monthly Cannon
2023-01-07 17:51
I once played this game for numerous seasons back in the early days (Seasons 8-16 ish). Stopped playing about 7 years ago, not sure why. I think my team name was the Cosmos. I think, for a...
Ukraina 3:2 Malta
2022-09-03 11:59
Hello, today we played a friendly match with the Maltese national team. We were leading 3-0, but in the end we conceded 2 goals... still the victory was won. Glory to Ukraine!
VNLiverpool FC Celebrates Early Victory in V-League
The ArbVNL
2024-05-30 11:21
VNLiverpool FC has officially clinched the V-League title with two rounds to spare, marking a historic achievement for the team. This early victory showcases their dominance throughout the season,...
Age update - change of date

  • struś
  • 2024-06-14

We're all getting older... but starting today, one day later in the Sokker!

The moment where players age is updated has been recently moved from last day of the season (Friday, week 13) to the first day of the next season (Saturday, week 1).
This means that the long-awaited age update will come with tomorrow's update.

Sorry to inform You so late, but, at least, there is an information.

At the same time, I wish you all many talented 16-year-olds!

Tax reform - minor correction

  • struś
  • 2024-06-11

We have made a small adjustment to the tax rules.
The previous rule:
- The amount of tax is determined when the player is sent away after the auction.

We replace with the following:
- The amount of tax (the % that will be charged as tax on the final transaction amount) is determined at the moment the player is put on the transfer list.

***I am also replacing this entry in the full DevDiary77 article.

Dev Diary 77: Tax reform (final)

  • struś
  • 2024-05-27

Dear users,
After several more or less successful attempts, the time has come to finally introduce tax reform. Here is how it will work soon*.

• The new rules will take effect from 15 June and all transactions finalised on that date will already be taxed according to the new scale.
• This means that it also applies to players placed on the transfer list on earlier days, who will be sent away from 00:00 on 15 June..
• The amount of tax according to the length of stay at the club is as shown in the chart.

• The tax can take a value from 8% to 50%.
• For easiness, it will operate in steps and take only integer values.
• It will still not possible to sell a player who has been at the club for less than 4 weeks.
• The first transaction of an alumni, regardless of their length of stay at the club, will be taxed at 8%.
• For other transfers, the tax will reach 8% after 105 weeks at the club.
• The amount of tax is calculated on the final sale amount of the player.
The amount of tax (the % that will be charged as tax on the final transaction amount) is determined at the moment the player is put on the transfer list.
• You will see the percentage tax that will be charged on the final amount as you list the player on the transfer list.

* and one last point, remember this is Sokker, and Sokker is like the real life.... knows how to surprise ;)

Dev Diary 76: Nothing is Certain Except Taxes

  • struś
  • 2024-04-16

There is not much that is certain in Sokker.
That's a kind of charm of this game. We like to keep discovering it.
Therefore, without much commentary, I submit a picture worth more than a thousand words:

Dev Diary 75 : Fan Moods System

  • Donaldo
  • 2024-04-05

The fan mood system has been reset.

We're back with a comprehensive explanation of how the new fanclub moods work, as we see they raise many questions and uncertainties. We apologize for the delay in preparing this description – nevertheless, we wanted to verify all reports of potential issues/bugs and confirm various cases flagged up on the game forum.


The most important information that should be the starting point for understanding the new moods is as follows: the new fan club satisfaction level is NOT a continuation of the old system. In other words, this season operates on an entirely new system, and you shouldn't refer to the mood level before this update – these are completely different mood calculation systems, and you can't say, for example, that the mood "dropped" compared to the previous season. It simply has been calculated on new grounds. We believe that most of the misunderstandings reported stem from this crucial piece of information.

Maximum moods are only for outstanding achievements

Next, what is crucial in the new system is the fact that we approach individual mood levels slightly more demanding. To achieve maximum mood, it's not enough to meet fans' expectations – the level of "fans are madly in love with their club" is for extraordinary achievements, exceeding expectations to the maximum – you can't achieve it simply by playing according to the club's capabilities. Consequently, the level of "fans believe in their club," which is 4/7, is considered an average level of satisfaction that the fans strive for when the club simply meets seasonal expectations. Any deviations from meeting expectations will affect whether the moods will rise or fall.

New moods are a component of meeting fans' expectations, but also includes fluctuations based on results, like the old system

Importantly, we've retained the influence of the old system based on the results of recent matches. We deemed it a more realistic solution – so fans will refer to whether the club meets its expectations, but they will also remember the team's recent results – so for example, if we're in a good league position as expected, but we lost the last few matches – it will affect their mood. The proportion of this influence is 60 to 40 in favour of the influence of seasonal expectations – they are ultimately more important.
To help you understand your fans' behaviour, additional information regarding their behaviour at the office will soon appear, such as:
Evaluation level of meeting last season's expectations: xx
Satisfaction level with the last matches: xx%
Satisfaction level with meeting expectations: xx%

Additional (important!) rules of the new system

1. Fans will remember last year's successes or failures. For each level above / below the expected goal of the previous season, the club will receive a modifier to the mood limit. So for example – for a club that completely exceeded fans' expectations, a +2 limit will be allocated to moods, meaning that in the new season, even if it is completely unsuccessful, moods will not drop below the level of 2/7. Similarly, if we don't meet expectations – for example, if we're one level below the seasonal goal, moods in the new season will not be able to rise above the level of 6/7.
2. The range of this modifier operates on parameters: +2, +1, -1, -2. Once again, we emphasize that this is about the limit, not a constant bonus – in other words, the modifier limits the scale in which fan's moods can move in the new season; it is not a constant bonus to the mood.
3. Fan's expectations currently only encompass league competitions. International matches or cup matches affect satisfaction with recent matches, not expectations. This is likely an element we'll expand upon in the future, and the club will receive goals for other competitions besides the league (less significant in terms of impact).
4. The impact of meeting expectations depends on the moment of the season: fans will react much more gently to the first matches of the season, and much more strongly to the last ones – which determine the actual position at the end of the season.
5. The greater the disparity between fan's expectations and the current mood level e.g. in the new season, the team significantly exceeds expectations, and if started with angry fans then the faster their mood will change.
6. Moods are currently updated after the morning update.

Election canceled in O‘zbekiston and Cameroun

  • struś
  • 2024-03-15

We have decided to cancel the elections in the following countries:


These countries will be withdrawn from the competition, thus the number of teams entering the World Cup qualifiers will be reduced to 96 allowing for an equal distribution of groups and fair promotion rules.

16 six-team groups will be drawn up for the qualifiers, with the two best teams from each group advancing.

Dev Diary 74 : Summary of current development status

  • Donaldo
  • 2024-03-03

Dear users,

It's been a while since we last communicated with you, but we would like to let you know what was goin on on our side - there have been fewer changes lately, but that doesn't change the fact that even if we lacked time for regular communication with you, we are still working to develop new functionalities.

There are a few areas that are currently being worked on:

Progressive tax issue, which as you know accidentally appeared in the game and was withdrawn. We are developing this idea, however, its final form and method of calculation will probably be modified - the tax will decrease much faster to lower values, but will be higher in the first weeks of possible sale. We aim for the player sale to be approximately as profitable as it is currently after about a season spent in the club, but additional rates would be added in the case of rapid trading. REFORM GOAL: to limit the profitability of DT-type trading without penalizing users transferring players once per season or less. This reform is not aimed at fighting inflation - such comments appear on the forum - the scale of taxes in Sokker vs the amount of money in circulation is marginal, even doubling taxes would not have a significant impact on limiting inflation - it needs to be fought with other methods.

New PLUS shop - although payments are certainly not the most exciting topic for you, this is a very big change that currently absorbs a huge amount of our time. Introducing new forms of payment (the option to link a card and charge for the PLUS package in the form of a monthly subscription) is very important for us, the current system, where you have to pay upfront for the entire package, may be a barrier for a significant portion of players. Technologically, this is a very difficult project that also requires work related to legal and tax issues, which consumes a significant portion of our resources. Answering probable questions - yes, the game's price list will also change, and the monthly subscription will be the most cost-effective way to buy the PLUS package - however, we have not yet set prices, when they are prepared, we will share them with you immediately.

Development of the PRESSROOM tab - we still see its huge potential and impact on the game. We are currently introducing several new pieces of news (reports after national team matches have appeared, and a jubilee news item is being prepared for the anniversary of founding your teams, with a large portion of statistics regarding your clubs) - but this is just the beginning of the possibilities of this tab. We want to open a separate thread on the forum to collect ideas related only to this tab - new notifications or messages that we can generate - for example, it may be worth considering the option of sending injured players for a fee for accelerated treatment by a specialist, etc - the pressroom tab provides such possibilities - not only allows us to generate news, but we can also add buttons and actions that can be taken.

New pages to prepare: we are starting work on two new views in Sokker - player profile (i.e., player page) and club history and statistics. In both cases, we are open to suggestions for new functionalities or information that we can add to make the game more interesting - for example, in the case of a player, we would like to introduce his match statistics broken down by individual seasons, not his entire career, and in the case of club history, there is room to introduce achievements or expand the records section. We will also start a separate thread for both of these new pages and ask you to share your ideas.

Finally, information about Sokker's promotion and advertising. We started test advertising the game in various countries in recent months - we see quite a good response and number of registrations - we will test several more countries, from large European countries to smaller countries around the world - based on the experiences gathered, we will try to significantly increase the number of users by the end of this year.

Dev Diary 73: Bonuses, Expectations, Payments etc.

  • struś
  • 2023-09-15

Dear Users,
Traditionally, during the inter-season break I would like to summarise the previously announced changes and introduce some new ones.
Details below.


Seasonal bonuses

- This season, bonuses will be awarded under the old rules.
- From next season forward, the amount of the bonuses will be directly dependent on your place in the league at the end of the season.
- Approximate bonus amounts can be found in the league statistics under "bonuses".
- For example, for the Italian C.01 series
- Bonuses will be paid after the last round of the season.

Fans' expectations

- As announced, we are introducing seasonal fan expectations.
- Each user, via the press office, will receive information about what expectations their fans have for the upcoming season.
- You can also check the expectations for each team within a league, again using the list of statistics, this time under "expectations".
IMPORTANT: The expectations level for the first season will be for information purposes only.
- From the following season onwards, the level of fulfilment of expectations will be the most important factor influencing fan mood.
- We are currently considering how high an impact, success in cup matches will have on fulfilling expectations.

Financial reform

- Given these changes, we have not yet decided on a final adjustment of the finances by modifying the ticket income.
- We will continue to keep an eye on how the already implemented changes will affect the finances of the game and possible adjustments will not take place until after the next season.


We are developing the new payment page with new features:
Here are the main ideas:

- A subscription option linked to the credit card connection will be introduced.
- The prices of the Assistant will be adjusted (they have remained the same for 15 years).
- The type of subscription purchased will affect the benefits received.
- Subscription via credit card will be the most beneficial payment method.
- The core features will remain the same, but you will receive additional benefits if you subscribe or purchase a annual membership.
• saving of training data even during a break in the use of the Assistant (during the break it will not be visible, but the full history will appear after renewal)
• saving the colour of the jerseys and emblems when the subscription expires (with other payment options, the emblems will not be visible when the subscription expires and the jerseys will revert to the default ones)
• the list of additional benefits can be further extended.


In one of the previous change packages, we introduced the possibility for the coaches of the national teams to preview the skills of the players of a given nationality (unless the owner objected). The feature has been on trial activated for all national team coaches, but from next season it will only be available to Assistant owners.


During the season, you have had the opportunity to discover how the new Pressroom works. I think this is enough time to evaluate its functionality, so I am launching an official thread where you will be able to submit your ideas on the news that appears in it. Feel free to do so in the international forum HERE.

Dev Diary 72: New Pressroom and dev update.

  • struś
  • 2023-06-19

Welcome to the verge of another season.
This is a good time to present some news, update on previously announced changes and highlight further development plans.


I am excited to announce that, in the coming days, the existing Pressroom/News tab will be replaced by a completely new view to keep us informed about events at the club.

Initially, automatic notifications will include:
- information on call-ups to national teams
- national team match reports
- information about an alumni player on the transfer list
- information about new members of the youth team

The list is not closed and we already have some ideas for further notifications, for example::
- club records (individual and team achievements, record transfers)
- information on fan expectations
- reports on the most interesting training effects

At the other hand, we are realising that nobody knows better than you what other information should be there, so there will be a special forum topic where we will be waiting for YOUR IDEAS, and we will implement the best and most popular ones!

Some of you have asked about further plans for the CLUB NEWSPAPER. We want to revise this element as well, but for the moment, from a club website perspective it remains the same. The only change is the view of the newspapers in the Word tab of the Pressroom view. Ultimately, we plan to integrate these functionalities more tightly.

If you want to see right now how the new view looks like, check it out at the link:


As we announced prior to last season, the financial reform is not yet complete. We are not backing down from these declarations and we see the need to fine-tune club income and costs, however, we have decided that one season of observation after the introduced salary changes is not enough and we are postponing further steps until at least the following season. Thus, with the new season, the announced new algorithm counting the number of fans in the stadiums and thus adjusting ticket revenues will not be introduced.



Below, for the moment without details, are the topics we are currently working on. More detailed information will follow as the implementation deadline approaches.
- we will introduce fan expectations set at the beginning of the season and a new fan mood system based on them.
- we will replace sponsorship bonuses with rewards for relevant league places - this will allow the bonuses to be better aligned with attitude throughout the season and not just at the end of it.
- we will extend the substitutes' bench to 7 places.

I hope you are satisfied with the information provided.
I wish you good luck and satisfaction in the pursuit of your goals in the coming season,