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Compensation for the time Sokker was unavailable and the reasons for the breakdown.

  • struś
  • 2022-05-11

On behalf of the entire Staff I would like to apologise to all users for the weekend's technical problems.

As compensation for the weekend inconvenience, the assistant function will be enabled for Thursday and Friday for all users.

You have also asked about the reasons of the breakdown and the possibilities of preventing similar situations in the future.

The direct cause was a problem with connecting to the database, which required an improved configuration. We are aware that the new server is still undergoing tuning, which combined with the work on the changes in the on-line mode is associated with a certain risk of failures.

In the near future, perhaps already in the next season, we want to introduce the functionality of automatic suspension of transfers in case of technical problems, so that even if a failure occurs, it will be less annoying.

Zi de meci...
E duminica. E zi de meci. Afara este o vreme racoroasa de noiembrie, o zi in care Universitatea da piept cu DANFC, cainele hau-hau. Jucam impotriva liderului, asadar nu avem nimic de pierdut, doar...
After so many times we are here
The Poseidon's Team
2020-08-03 19:47
We are here again to gain so fun like old times and see news about game that made us so happy. But for now, especially for our team it's new starting and reaching to top side will be taken time....
S52 - New chant!
Брунд Брунд
2021-03-18 12:55
After a few wins in a row, atmosphere in the squad is really good and all the players feel next season will be ours! The fans are overjoyed and we have a new chant echoing from the stands...
UPDATE: Information about service unavailability on Saturday

  • struś
  • 2022-05-11

Due to confirmed cases of transfers that were not transferred despite the deadline during a server crash, we are extending the ability to undo transfers to all transfers between 12:00pm on Saturday and 9:00am on Sunday.

Additionally, the time to request a transfer reversal is extended to 24:00 on Thursday.

Information regarding the unavailability of the service on Saturday.

  • struś
  • 2022-05-09

As you may have noticed, we had a major game server breakdown on Saturday.
At the moment the situation is stable and we are able to take some measures to mitigate the effects of the crash.

The most affected users were those who were selling their players during the crash. Therefore we are opening the possibility of reversing transfers of players whose deadline was between 12.00 and 17.30 CET on Saturday. Later transfers have been postponed.

IMPORTANT: To undo a transfer, the selling player must report to the local game administrator with a request for cancellation. The deadline for such requests is Wednesday 11 May at 10.00 a.m. Requests made after this date will not be processed.

No adjustments will be made for replays of matches that took place during the breakdown.

Dev Diary 62: Some more answers before the season starts.

  • struś
  • 2022-03-25

I hope we have all cooled down after the league reform and allocation of new leagues.
First official matches today, I hope there will be no less excitement than in the last two weeks :)

Meanwhile, the Developers are not idle. New topics have been taken on board, here are a few words about them:

The training reform remains a priority for this season. An internal meeting has been held to define the goals, and the developers are getting to work. The plan is to accomplish it during the current season and implement the new rules from next season.
You are probably curious about the details, and there are quite a few questions about this on the forums. I will answer them during the season, systematically expanding your knowledge. For a good start:
Q: Will the "warm up" matches this week count for training like official matches as it was announced?
A: Yes, this change has been made and matches between seasons will affect training like official matches.

Q: What about pace training? If max 10 players can be trained, will it remain the slowest skill to raise or will it be improved?
A: Pace will remain the slowest trained skill. The reform should reduce the situation where all players in the stronger leagues have a pace close to the maximum. In our opinion, this will make the games more attractive and increase the value of pace skill itself.

Q: Will you give a compensation by changing the skilldown age or intensity? to give players a livespan like before?.
A: This is not planned at this time.

Exact injury information has never been directly provided by the game developers. It will remain that way as well. The only official information is the one about the reduction of the average duration and the frequency of injuries. The "by how much" information will not be publicly stated, although in time you will probably be able to estimate it. Observations gathered during the current season can be used to further calibrate these factors, but it is to be expected that the new league system will not be kind to teams with only 11 players.

Q: At which week will the World Cup start next season?.
A: The start is scheduled for week 5.

Q: When NT managers will be able to see players skills?
A: We don't know yet - it is a work in progress. Probably before the end of the current season, but the priority remains training reform.

Q: Will nt matches be treated as an arcade match?.
A: There is no final decision yet.

Q: Do you plan to start a European Championship for both senior and youth national teams?.
A: There is no more room in the current international championship calendar for additional continental competitions.

In addition I would like to point out that with 17 qualification groups for the World Championships, the rule that 2 teams from each group will advance to the finals will not be kept. I will publish the exact rules soon.

We see the need to further improve our communication and for this purpose the PressRoom tab will be developed during the season. In addition to "front page" information, it will also present smaller announcements and advice for beginners. It should also be convenient to introduce an icon with the number of new messages or information pieces - as it is in the Summary tab.
For the moment I can present one of the projects showing the direction of changes:

Q: Will the delay of matches be solved in the coming season break?
A: Once the new server environment is optimized, the problem should be solved or strongly minimized.

Q: How many weeks does the Cup lasts in Poland?.
A: There will be 2048 teams competing in the Poland Cup which will translate into 11 rounds.

Q: Tutorial or documentation of the game - Do you plan to improve?.
A: Yes, but only after further changes have been made to the main areas of the game.

Q: How can i change my region?
A: Currently you can ask the game administrator. In the future you will be able to do this yourself.

Q: What about grass regeneration?
A: Currently no changes are planned, although we will observe the turf situation in the current season and then draw conclusions.

Q: Will the substitution slots (bench) increase?
A: Such changes are being looked at as possibly being carried out in the future, along with changes within the conditional commands.

Final assignment to new leagues.

  • struś
  • 2022-03-17

The first assignment to new leagues had errors. To fix this the entire procedure was checked and carried out Tuesday once again. As a result, some of you have been reassigned to new leagues. Your relegations, promotions or lack of them, other than in the previous league structure, are the result of a change in the number of individual league levels and not an incorrect assignment.

1. The current assignment to the new leagues is final, will not change anymore.

2. There are cases of changing the order of assigning teams to a given league - for example, the team which, according to the scores, should be assigned to place No. 3, was assigned to place No. 5, and the latter - the other way around. This has no effect on the composition of the leagues.

3. League rounds will be arranged accordingly to the assigned places. The schedule will be similar as before, the teams from places 1 to 6 will face each other at the beginning and end of the season - at the same time the teams from places 7-12 will also compete directly. Mid-season, on the other hand, will be top-bottom clash times, and will be filled with matches between the higher seeded and the lower seeded teams.

Now we have a few days to adapt to the new situation, get acquainted with the league and opponents, and on March 27 the competition starts. I wish you all success!

Minor problems:
Visualizations of the older matches are still not working - the database of these matches has not been connected to the new server yet, it will be added in the coming days.

Current technical issues

  • struś
  • 2022-03-15

Dear users.
The last days were very difficult both for us and for you. Despite the great commitment, many things went wrong.
The time will come for a moredetailed explanation of this situation, now the most important thing is to minimize the losses.

1. Assignment to new leagues.
There were errors while sorting teams - there are single cases of teams that have been incorrectly assigned at each level. This forces us to reschedule the leagues - the moment of this correction is being planned right now. We will inform you shortly when it will take place. Thus, the composition of the leagues in which players are currently found, or their level - may still change. Of course, the final schedule will take place according to the rules we gave in the previous announcements - it will also take into account the results of the play-offs played, there will be no need to repeat them.

2. Transfers.
Due to numerous problems with the availability of the website, we are introducing a one-time option to verify and retrieve transfers which ended yesterday (14.03) after 19.00, when the greatest technical problems took place.
You can report such transfers:
- via the contact form to Administrators in the Staff tab.
- or by writing an e-mail directly to the Administrator responsible for your country.
Each case will be investigated and assessed individually, and transfers clearly deviating from market prices will be retrieved.

3. Planning friendies.
We know that some of you have a problem with accepting friendly matches. Logging out and back in fixes this error.

4. Service stability.
Unfortunately, after migration, we are still having big problems with the stability of servers. Optimization works will be carried out throughout the week, and their completion is planned for coming weekend.

We hope that the implementation of the above actions will contribute to the normalization of the current situation.

Reform issues - important info!

  • struś
  • 2022-03-13

As you have certainly observed, we’ve encoutered serious technical problems during the implementation. It resulted in complete shutdown of the game/service on Saturday and further problems with the game today - now we're just finishing overdue Satuday events (like e.g. NT and arcade matches).

We'd like to apologise everybody for this situation - unfortunately with such big change as league reform, combined with implementing new morning update and moving database to new, faster server - it ended with a lot of errors, which didn't appear during earlier tests and test deployments. Unfortunately this is the risk, which we always bear - not all bugs can be detected during the tests.

Nevertheless, developers worked over 16h yesterday and finally all the work planned for Saturday were successfully finished, and we're just a little step from the final reform.

However - our problems affected the users - among other by postponing transfers, which in face of qualification matches is really big problem.

Therefore, we are urgently implementing a solution that will at least partially remedy this delay - we are postponing today's play-offs to tomorrow, they will be played in the evening hours.

Thus, the schedule for the upcoming updates is as follows:

1. standard Sunday morning update will happen tomorrow morning
2. qualification matches will be played tomorrow, early evening
3. Tomorrow, after the qualifications, there will be a league reform (announcing new 12-team leagues) along with a classic Monday update (form, fan club, etc.).

Once again, we sincerely apologize all user for this situation.
To compensate these incoveniences all Plus users will get 7-days prologation of their subsrciption. For other users - they will have it activated for 4 days next week(from Thursday till Sunday)

Dev Diary 61: Gameplay Reform – supplement

  • struś
  • 2022-03-11

Since publication of the previous Dev Diary there have been a lot of questions and requests for clarification of provided information. Moreover, there was created dedicated topic on international forum where anyone could ask for additional details of the reform.
I will try to answer to the first set of these questions in today`s edition of DD. I hope, it will help You to prepare properly enough for the upcoming season.

I think the figure below will provide answers to most of Your questions:

With the end of the current season, the teams without owners will be withdrawn from the game so in the new league system they could be replaced by new, active users.
These bot-teams won't be completely removed from the game. If any of their previous owners will decide to join our community once again, he or she will be able to reclaim his or her team and start again from the lowest division in his or her country.
The teams which were assigned to new users in recent weeks will be assigned as all other teams in the new league system. There will be no new rules for treating them in any special way and we acknowledge the fact that some of them will be given single league promotion "for free".

The structure of the junior leagues will not be changed but the number of matches played in junior league will be decreased and adapted to the new length of season which is 13 rounds.

Matches of national teams, both junior and senior ones, will be played on Saturdays.
World Cup preliminaries will feature groups up to 6 teams. This will let their duration to be reduced to 10 weeks. The detailed rules of awarding promotions to the World Cup finals will be presented in the next announcement.
Work on the mechanism to share skills of NT players with NT coaches will be conducted during the season. The exact term of releasing this functionality is unknown.

Please take note that there might be a case when a player will play club match on Friday and national team match on Saturday. And, according to the rules, in such case he will receive training basing to the formation which was set during national team match. Potential performance in the Sunday or Wednesday match will let You reconfigure that training to the formation which was ultimately selected in the club match.
Another problem might occur when the player will receive a red card during the Sunday match which will exclude him from the Wednesday match, and thus he will only receive training appropriate to the part of the match he played before getting the red card.
In case of appearing in several different formation during the week, only the last match will be taken into account, exclusively.
- Example One: player who played in three different matches with formations MID-DEF-MID respectively, will be trained as if he would play only the last match with a MID formation order.
- Example Two: player who played in three different matches with formations MID-DEF-DEF respectively, will be trained as DEF according the same rules as currently with two matches played in the trained formation.
We are aware of the issues mentioned above, but they won't be resolved during the transition season. The increased number of players which might be trained is itself enough to compensate that inconvenience.

Due to increased intensity of matches calendar, the following changes will be introduced:
- injury proneness of players will be reduced
- average duration of injury will also be reduced
Additional change in the matter of National Team games is also being considered. More details soon.

Along with gameplay reform, the game will be moved to the new server. This should cause:
- daily updates to be much faster and more stable,
- lack or at least significant reduction of delays of the league matches.

ATTENTION! Works on the server environment will be taken between 18.03 and 20.03 CET. We do not plan to disable the website but there might be availability problems so it is advised to avoid putting players on transfer list so they would have transfer deadline during these days.


Dev Diary 60: Gameplay Reform – it is happening!

  • _james
  • 2022-02-14

Let me start by sharing a few personal thoughts with you. There are news that you write because you have to, and there are also news when you enjoy typing every single letter, the announcement of which is the culmination of many months of hard work. The announced effect is the beginning of something long awaited, and the changes introduced are not only technical maintenance of the game, but its significant development. Therefore, with great satisfaction, on behalf of the entire Sokker Team, I announce that the start of the new season will be preceded by the long awaited reform of the tournament structure! ~Raul

- Extending the composition of each league - from the current 8 to 12 teams.
- Changing the calendar of competitions. The season will be reduced to 13 weeks in which matches will be played according to the scheme: league matches on Wednesdays and Sundays, cup / friendly matches on Fridays. Each team will play 22 league matches in a season instead of 14.
- Change of promotion rules. Most importantly, from the next season, league winners will always be promoted directly. On the other hand, teams in 2nd place will have their chance in play-offs. Places 3-6 will be safe, teams ranked 10-12 will demote directly, and those ranked 7-9 will have to defend their league presence in play-offs. We hope that this will affect the fierceness and attractiveness of the competition and each team will be committed to fighting for its goal throughout the season. Link to the new tournament calendar

- The new system assumptions are that each lower league level has 3 times more teams than the preceding higher one, and therefore: 1 x 1st league, 3 x 2nd leagues, 9 x 3rd leagues, 27 x 4th leagues, etc. This change makes possible introduction of new promotion and relegation system, but also makes each level more exclusive and prestigious.
- The effect of the reform will be a change in the total number of teams at each league level. While the I and II levels of the game will increase their numbers, starting from the third league number of teams will be reduced. This is exactly illustrated by this table.
- The above changes require a new assignments to individual leagues. At the beginning of next season, old leagues will be reset and ALL teams will be assigned to the new leagues based on their performance this season, creating completely new composition of each league. We describe the rules of attribution in detail below.

1. We play play-offs, promotions and relegations, as usual, at the end of the season.
2. We keep the score (points, goals) with which a given team was relegated or promoted.
3. We delete teams without players (e.g. in PL there are nearly 400 teams).
4. We sort the teams according to the collective tables of a given level of the game, assuming that:
- First, we sort the teams that fell from a higher league level (direct relegations from higher leagues, and play-off losers from higher leagues)
- Then the teams that stayed at the given level (losers in play-off for higher level, winners in play-off for current level, and safe places 2-4)
- At the end, we sort the teams that have advanced to a given level (direct promotions from lower leagues, and play-off winners from lower leagues)
5. We remove all bot teams from the rankings. We adopt one rule: no login in the last 50 days. These teams will not be completely removed and if the owner returns someday, he will be able to resume the game with his own team, with his own resources, but from the lowest league level.
6. The tables created in this way will be the basis for assignment to new leagues.

- As described above, the number of middle and lower levels of the game will decrease.
- The consequences of the change in the number of teams at a certain level will be situations in which:
a) teams that, according to the old system, would be promoted to a higher level, will remain at the current level.
b) teams that, according to the old system, would remain at the current level, will be assigned to a lower league.
- It is math, and a necessary, one-time adjustment.
- We hope that the increased possibility of promotion from next season and the greater attractiveness of the tournament will be a compensation for the owners of these teams.
- Despite many hours devoted to searching for solutions, in order to introduce changes, it was not possible to find a better solution. It is a necessary, but probably unpopular, effect.

- Awaited by you, training reform will not start until the season after, so the next season will be a transitional period. New rules of the game, but still the old rules of training.
- Consequently, thanks to 3 "training" matches every week, it will be possible to train more players: e.g. 3 players with GK, 9 ATT, 15 MID or DEF and as many as 33 players training pace.
- It is also a small gift for you for your patience - use it for the season, in the next season there will be new rules.
- Shortening the season will reduce the number of trainings from 16 to 13 possible so far. Remember this when planning the careers of your pupils.

In final words, we hope the competition next season will be as fierce as the discussion under this post! Good luck to all of you! ~Raul

Dev. Diary 59: The new system for setting up your squad

  • _james
  • 2022-01-09

In December, we made changes to the way we select players for a match. These are quite unique changes - we had them introduced to the old composition view, without replacing it with a new view, like we did with other subpages implemented so far. We opted for such a change due to the fact that this was a key view that discouraged new users from playing Sokker. We know from the research that it caused the most problems, it was unintuitive and without help of someone experienced, new player was practically unable to correctly set up squad for a match.
As the corrections made are for the old view, we were a bit limited with options. We improved the most key elements, further development of this view will continue in the future in form of a completely new version of it. However, it will be largely based on these changes.

The key changes we made:
1. Ability to view the skills of each player.
2. Select and place players, instead of selecting from the drop-down list.
3. View of all players from our club.
4. Highlighted injured players.
5. Highlighted incorrect match orders (e.g. too many of them).
6. We moved all squad editing options to the squad setting screen (i.e. the ability to load settings from another match).
7. The squad setup screen is now the first view that we move to when setting the squad (not the summary as before - it caused a lot of problems for new players who did not understand how to edit options from the list).
8. We added a pop up message informing you that you need to save changes when you try to exit the page view.
9. After changing a tactic, its preview reloads (previously it was necessary to refresh the page).

We are aware that, after the changes, conditional commands for a given match from which we are loading the line-up are not loaded. Unfortunately, it is quite time-consuming for this option to work after the changes. We plan to restore it, but it is not a priority.
At the same time, we are aware that a lot of controversy was caused by an error, as a result of which managers of national teams were able to see players’ skills on this screen. The bug has been fixed, but we understand that this is a step backwards. Therefore, we would like to remind you at this point that we already announced the idea for a tool that will solve this problem. A checkbox will appear in the profile of your players, selecting which will make the skills of a given player visible to the manager of given national team. Thus, the decision whether to make a player visible to NT coach will remain with users. However, it will not be necessary to update players. Their skills will be visible to the national team manager on an ongoing basis (also in the squad selection view). This feature will be added as soon as the league reform work is completed, which is currently our top priority.

In upcoming weeks we will introduce you to the exact rules of the league reform that will take a place at the start of the new season. We know that you need the most accurate information, but for now we can reveal that it is worth competing for the highest possible seed in terms of this reform. That's why we encourage you to compete in leagues with full commitment and play for the highest league positions and promotions.